Sunday, September 19, 2004

was so tired today. ok i think i say that everyday. anyway. was woken up by the rain. grr. but nvm. went to church and sat like at the backest row. haha. sermon today was good (: then we went home to pick jie and went for the oktoberfest at swiss club. felt so odd there cos we were one of the few asians in that tent and it was like we were on holiday in another country or something. haha. was quite nice. really ate a whole lot. and the small band was quite interesting. had a magician to entertain the kids. and some dance thing. was quite cute cos all the kids were running about. haha. was so sleepy when i got back that i changed and jumped into bed. slept for more that 2 hrs. nice nice (: took a bath and now im sitting here slacking. havent started on my chi book review. have to hand in tmr or get 0 for ppr! oh no. any chinese pro willing to help me? haha. i smell nice prawns for dinner. yummy! i really need to exercise. esp after today's lunch. so sinful ok all that chocolate, oil meat, blah... freaky haha.

at 6:33 PM, she let go.