Tuesday, September 07, 2004

i cant find my amaths tys! how am i gonna do my hw? nvm since im gonna study tmr i'll get someone to lend me then. yupyup. turns out yesterday was just a bad case of morning sinus. but sleeping in the afternoon was so nice cos it was raining! whee (: piano was really disasterous. too much practising is no good! well at least for people like me. really played so horribly. so disappointing. im so scared! my exam is a week away! -screams! and im having an outbreak. yucks.

ahh. just had dinner. feel so satisfied. haha. got cyn linna and whoever else was with them to help me buy manuscript paper. thanks dears ((: did all except unit 5 hw of emaths. and unit 5 is trig. so nice... yes very. gonna do that tmr? see how. i'll probably do amaths first tho. feel so bored staying at home all day. i wanna go to school. must be some nutty weirdo i am. haha.

at 9:03 AM, she let go.