Saturday, September 18, 2004
hiccup hiccup

i think im falling sick once again thanks to the flopping weather. its been raining and then very hot this week. and my temperature's going up. crap. pray i'll get well soon. and im hiccupping for dunno what reason. haha.

woke up this morning didnt want to go to school for the lit thing. saw ling and xin eating and studying respectively when i reached the canteen at 8 something. so i tried to study chi but i only made it pass the 1st 2 pages. haha. the lit thing was a total waste of time i tell u. i dont think my lit improved or anything like that. grr. anyway. went to macs for brunch till 12 with geri xin lou ling han sara. tried the crispy prawn thing which is so-so and i think i need to exercise. have been pigging out so much with out burning off my fats. YANHAN! we must run next week ok?? came back to school to study. did jiaxin's tuition maths questions for fun.

at church i was so tired ok. wait. actually i was already tired in school. nearly slept during the lit when jeya came and suddenly everyone sat up. haha. so many people ponned. out of point. ok. yeah. worship was good again. discussion was quite good too. and we had much food for once! hahas. and i ate 3 packets of mamee and some gummies. lol. and we were early coming back to the sanctuary. yay! haha. daddy was late cos he went to some wine tasting and blah blah. was quite a freaky ride home. oops. went to da bao dinner from amk. had hokkien mee without egg. feels so weird to not eat eggs. ok. haha. and now im tired and still hiccupping. i wanna try the piece i got from sarah (: its a nice piece. and i need to study and do the dumb book review. yupyup

at 8:27 PM, she let go.