Sunday, February 26, 2006
hello everybody (:

hello hello long time no blog. sch's been fun with lessons, training and PARADE. i love the exco (: they're really my favouritest bunch of people in sa other than my cg. yeah but its been tiring as well. ankle's doing okay. still feel pain sometimes but went for my first physio on sat. it was much more beneficial than the sinseh. heh. but i gotta do lots of strengthening exercises cos it's super weak on its own. yup.

still thinking about my cca and whether i should go on with it but i think i'll leave the decision up to God. yup. yesterday was a good day and im really so sure that God was present in the 2nd half of the day esp. He's so wonderful its hard to imagine life without Him (: crapped ard in ljs today with glor cheryl rah. we were making weird chattering noises cos we were so cold sitting under the air con. i dont even know why we didnt move to another place. haha.

at 7:58 PM, she let go.

Saturday, February 11, 2006
results are out! (:

o level results came out yesterday and i just wanna give the glory and thanks to God cos He has blessed so richly (: and He gave me so much peace and confidence even when i took the paper from ms fazi. i was highly unemotional. hahah. yeah and the school happily blackmailed us into helping them sell 50 bucks worth of fiesta coupons in exchange for our results. so smart la. rahh. hmmm i think im staying in sa cos i really like the environment there and i dont really fancy going to a school so far from my house.

my arms have ballooned! not cos i eat and grow fat (not that i dont but i exercise it off!), but cos of one circuit training. ONE. i got big muscles now and its really gross i dunno what to do with it! yucks! and the left is bigger than the right. how nice. my elbow feels obstructed and my arms feel less flexible. gross gross gross. going to visit chrystal today (:

at 9:06 AM, she let go.