Wednesday, December 13, 2006

yay (: camp was good clean fun. yeah seriously the cleanest camp i've been to cos they only played with water, no mushy gooey gross stuff. hahah. but i think the messages were really good and impactful, and to me the focus was like on surrendering to God and responding in a way that's pleasing to Him. outreach was like wow (: alot of friends came down and even though it rained halfway, i still think it was a success cos everyone was in the hall so it kinda added to the atmosphere. the group that i played with won! haha but that's cos of the friends that were invited. they were basketballers. and one was super duper tall. haha. but was fun. night walk brought me so close to home! haha. tempting but i can proudly say i've walked from my house to phs! haha.

yay! i injured my ankle once again, this time getting off the chia's jeep thing thing. yeah. hurts real bad. pray for a speedy recovery and that God's will be done/revealed.

at 7:30 AM, she let go.