Monday, June 26, 2006 (:

school has started. going back to the vicious cycle of hw, late nights, projects, stuff to do, etc etc.

went to grandma's about 2 weeks back. was good relaxing and stuff. nice food to eat. nice places to see. rebonded my hair, never sat in a salon for so long before, im probably not gonna do it again. got germany from converse. haha
came back like in record time from msia. reached spore at 2pm! like phwoar! haha. super early. wanted to take a photo at tuas with the time on the pic but i forgot! but i managed to go watch swift. yay! haha. it was quite amusing. well one of the races.

went out with siewmin last friday. went to her place to study after slp meeting and then we went to watch she's the man in the evening. hahah. was super funny. good destressing movie. "caterpillars caterpillars! in 20 minutes time you'll all be beautiful butterflies!" hahah. had a good laugh. we bumped into debbie lee too then i waved to her and siewmin asked "is that your friend?" haha. my goodness la. not like she dunno debbie can. funny.

i've been snacking endlessly. ITCHY MOUTH. keep eating and eating. tsk.

at 8:59 PM, she let go.

Thursday, June 01, 2006
track camp :D

had track camp from mon to wed this week. didnt really know what to expect for some parts of it but overall it was a really memorable one (:

reported to sch, training started at 8.30 till about 11 then we just slacked ard till lunch and after lunch slacked some more. me and jocelyn held a piano recital at LT1 cos we were too bored. hahah. our audience consisted of like 4 people. keewei, yewwei, jingbao, and yong jian i think. at 2 we went off for rock climbing. the weather was scorching man. super hot. think rock climbing was challenging but quite a new experience for me. however, it's not really my kind of thing. haha. kept getting stuck at the same spot. rah. oh well. think quite a few people got sun-kissed cheeks after and others like gabriel and dingyan got burnt bad. haha.

went to our bunks and washed up then had dinner. heart to heart talk with the seniors and ms tan after that. was quite motivating. yup. theguys came and kop-ed quite a number of our tables to their room so that they could sleep on it. haha. slept at like 11 i think.

woke up at 12am to the sounds of happy birthday outside my bunk can. hahah. all i can rmb was the guys were all outside happily singing and after they were done, i was so tired all i said was thank you and i went back to sleep. hahah. yeah. next time i woke up was during wake up call. we were supposed to have gym but then there was some miscom so we ended up doing long run around pp. was quite fun running as a team. haha. had elections for capts till lunch where we had pattaya rice (: haha yay!

went out to buy bubble tea with kevin, jocelyn, keewei, yujun and yunlu then came back and did some work before i dozed off for half an hour. haha. then did a bit more and went for afternoon training. super duper hot weather. initially we thought it was going to rain cos we saw rain clouds before lunch but they all went away! yah so we had training under the really hot sun. during dinner, ms tan was asked to say grace and she had like really long pauses in btw her sentences after a while and then long pauses in her sentences itself. i was wondering what she was trying to do then yunlu kept laughing beside me and i just caught the laughter from her. little did i know that ms tan was trying to stall for time cos then she said "and dear God we'd like to thank you for deborah cos its her birthday today" and keewei came walking with a cake and evewas surprising cos i really wasnt expecting that. haha. and all the j1 girls got a bit high after that that we scared ms tan away from our table. haha.

had night games which was kinda inpromptu but fun anyway (: the last part of the game was really gross man. played dog and bone with trays containing flour water sago tictac and red beans. disgusting mixture and we had to put our face in to pick out the red beans. eeks. and later they made it that we had to produce clean red beans from our mouth. yeah. but it was all good fun, even got ms tan to do it but highly reluctantly. almost got ourselves a few laps of the track. haha. ended at 11 then we washed up and hung around the quadrangle. most of the guys went to watch the maid in the ava. not out to scare myself so i didnt. went to the track too to look at the stars later on with keewei dingyan and christian. we talked about stuff till more people came then i went back to the bunks. me and yunlu slept the earliest in our bunk at 1.50am.

breakfast and pack up. then 11 of us headed down to island creamery to indulge in 6 tubs of ice cream (: sheer bliss man. it was so good! ahaha. went back with eric and slept 3 hours in the aft.

i wondered what it would be like to spend my birthday in camp but my team has made it such a enjoyable and unique one for me. thanks guys (:

ilovemyteam :D
"pain is joy"

at 1:18 PM, she let go.