Wednesday, September 08, 2004
airport studying

-stretch stretch! im so tired. went to the airport to study today with sam linna and cyn. took bus then went to the staff canteen. nearly got chased but the supervisor gave in to us as long as we leave during lunch hour and come back after that. yeah. studied amaths practically the whole day can? so stoned now.

oh yeah. there's this china cleaning uncle near the viewing mall there. he's so cute can. cos we were there studying during lunch hour. then i was trying to explain some question to linna. then he walked over with his mop and tried to help us. he's smart i tell u! after that he went to put back his mop and came back with toilet paper (as in the harder kind) and a pen and he solved the question lah! so pro-ded. then we asked him why u dont go some cheena uni teach in china and he said something i cant remember. he shouldn't be a cleaning uncle! when me and cyn went to look for the toilet we walked past him and he was helping some guy with his maths too. hahas. so cute.

cyn's tutor is so nice lah. sick still come teach us maths. and he looked really terrible. jacket, red eyes. then when we went back to staff canteen and he taught us trig i tell u he nearly went mad! he looked so stressed can? feel quite bad for him. oops.

u know during lunch hour when we were leaving i saw this guy from the back. looked so much like dan lum! but i didnt say anything. i really thot it was him. then when i went online he was asking me whether i went to the airport today. then i was like yeah i did! really thot that guy was him. like some confirmation. then he asked if i was wearing pink. im like no? ahaha. i was in blue! and he said he was eating dinner at sakae and thot he saw me. was quite tickled lah. like he thot saw me and i thot saw him at the airport but we both got the wrong person. silly lah. haha.

i need sleep. and tmr i dunno how. i dont even know where we're studying. dunno if im joining them cos of cello. so in between. and after that got a meeting at dunno where. lala. -pokes!

at 9:36 PM, she let go.