Saturday, February 26, 2005
Lord i offer my life to you, everything i've been through, use it for Your glory

yet another tiring and busy week but at least investiture is over so one thing down (: but 3 tests next week and mep compo due. im screwed la. cca on friday was quite good, even tho i never touched my cello for 2 weeks i think i played better. which is the weird thing. when i dont practice my cello, my playing somehow becomes better.. haha. been having rashes over the past few days cos of the humid weather. so itchy and all. which reminds my i need to cut my nails.

one of my juniors, natalie, bought a cello from china for S$800. that's like a reasonable price but its good! the cello is super loud. quite a round tone but the a string sounds very like :/ but anyway i think its quite good on the whole. nice nice. and jana was making fruit juicer sounds with the c string. was super retarded la. haha. theory exam in 2 weeks and i just realised that i dont have 2003 paper. and i thot i did so now i sorta have no theory hw. i'm not really stressing over it. maybe on that day when i'll start looking through the italian terms. haha. like in sec one i think? yeah. and i need to go submit the registration form for abrsm cello prac by friday. maybe i should mail it.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
hyper sensitive eyes

hello hello. its been quite a draining week. yupyup. think im gonna fail chinese test cos it was so hard. the 2 maths tests were relatively easy so shouldnt be a problem. oh yeah, pmb invest is gonna rock i tell u. retarded things we come up with in times of stress. haha. went down to church for worship. message was on the tsunami which i think was quite good. left early to go home and prepare for the concert, cibelle. was a unique artist but not really to my liking. prefered it when she sung like the more jazzy stuff than the rock stuff. she's quite funny too. kept taking photos randomly of her band and of us. haha. 2 encores. was like drifting of to sleep but trying hard not to. slept in the car and got home, changed, washed up and plonked back to sleep. heh.

went for first this morning. think the message really applied to us. and me too esp now. it was about how to treat people right which made me think about the incident with veronica on thursday. went to tp for lunch where i had nice prawn noodles ((: and then bought some flowers for joy. went back, wrapped them, did the card and went to the optician. today was the first most intensive checkup ever. for almost 20 mintues la. then my degree dropped to 25L and 125R with astig. so weird and the guys was saying i got some folicle in my eye so i have hyper sensitive eyes or dunno what. OH YAH. he was so mean lorh. he was measuring my eyes and he said, " are your eyes always that small?" i was so hurt... :( oh well. got a frameless pair. went for joy's party. was fun (: laughing like crazy watching tv too. ahaha. well, gtg now. tata

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
exciting day! HOHO :D

i love today (: its a funny fun day! pe this week was the funnest ever since school started. really enjoyed ourselves (: "aim for the sprinkler!" after pe the mini tennis people were coming back from the hall and lala and gen were singing the differentiation formula along the corridor. got scolded by mrs tien. oops. haha then when they walked into class they told mrs yeo and she said: "serve you right!" lol. was super amusing.

recess was phototaking. then was taking an individual photo for house and the photographer said this after the first two snaps: *points at the photo* "your eyes ah - can open bigger?" i was like boo! wasnt that small... hahas. so i took again. physics was ok and eng was so-so as well. lunched with sarah before going for mep. got back test paper and i did well (: hahas. happy happy. we all went crazy when listening to prokofiev's classical symphony and love for three oranges. esp love for three oranges. was so fast la. then everyone got lost. hahas.

chi test tmr and i've only studied almost halfway. plus lit hw. gotta get started!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
and pooh said to piglet, " life is so much friendlier with two." :)

just a quick update. had quite a good, last-in-sn valentines day (: thanks for all the sweets, chocs, and gifts everyone! no cello lessons for a month... muahaha. but i'll make sure that i practice (yes i must!) oh yeah. blogger seems to be in chinese nowadays. hmm. maybe the govt's trying to improve our chinese through blogger? hahas.

i love red hse (: its such a hip, cool and happening house i tell you. the house coordinators this year are so amusing. falala.

i'm still in a state of shock. somebody pinch me, i must be dreaming.

i saw it :D

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Friday, February 11, 2005
its nice to be back (:

yay! home at last! feels good. hahas. nice sleeping conditions tonight after a week of on and off weather conditions. been chomping down so much food and cny snacks over the past week. bleahs. and i think i gained. okay maybe that's obvious la. haha. and i think there's something wrong with the weighing machine in my grandma's house. i weigh heavier there than in sch. hmmms. i suppose that will drive me to run more rounds. haha.

anyway. glad to be out of the car. got butt cramps and leg cramps and back cramps. dear me im getting old. hahas. didnt stop for lunch cos the shops were mostly closed. public holiday. ate a really heavy brekky. like 2 and a quarter prata. was practically stuffed. oh yeah. learning to pick up dialects. haha. when u start sputtering rubbish it can get really funny. another busy weekend. rahh. visiting tmr (:

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
cny eve

hello. i just remembered that today's cny eve and jiaxin's all dressed up (: hahas. hope u won! anw, hello tessa! i didnt know you read blogs. hahas. been watching more movies and eating lots of food. well to me its more than usual la. bleahs. all the weight im putting on. so fattening. stuffy internet cafe :/

oh yeah!! my cousin and my aunt just arrived this morning. so now we've got squeezy bedrooms. forgot to mention that i cut my hair at the salon downstairs. and the auntie thinned it so much. feels weird. and it curls after i bath! eeks man. its hard to tie up too. cant wait for it to grow back. was tempted to colour my hair cos my sis was doing hers but obviously i cant. and she got 2 feelers (: hahahs. sneezing my head off. stuffy internet cafe :/

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Monday, February 07, 2005
at my grandma's house

falala. im using the com at the internet cafe now. sadly, it doesnt have msn. and it cant open multiple internet pages. rahh. oh wells. been watching dvds and did some hw and shopping for some stuff. yup. chinese new year's coming and the house has been decorated! hahas. not very elaborate but still. the weekend has been burned away already. time's passing so fast. gtg do my discursive essay research now, tata (:

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

all the tests for the week are over (: hooray! and im leaving on saturday, away from the worries of the world (i wish!) hahas. cos i'll still be doing hw and studying there. oh well. at least dont have to go to sch. falala!

totally crapped for today's mep test. heh. but it's over so i cant care less. said my peanut butter and oreos speech today. now i'm left with mainly hong lou meng which i will do tonight tho im highly reluctant. looking forward to the end of sch tmr tho, going out to town with joy to get some stuff. gonna be broke! i think.. haha. visiting ah ma on friday night before we leave.

RANT RANT RANT. i have got nothing better to say :D

paul frank is your friend!

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