Wednesday, September 15, 2004

oh no! its like less than 2 hours to my piano exam! im so freaked! and im still blogging when im leaving in half an hour. oops. haha. thanks to those who've wished me all the best. like daddy sarah jiahui zixin siu linna marilyn cynthia geri pooty eileen ailin ed and 3p-orange-tablemates! sorry if i've missed out anyone u can tell me and i'll add in (: ahhs. i think my examiner's a male. saw his name yest? but no background leh. maybe they took it down. but anyway pray he's lenient and i'll do my best with out fumbles and stumbles.... lala!

yes its finally over! feel so free all of a sudden but still got chi test to study for. crap i think i'll fail. my eyes are going to sleep alr. and i have to see cher tmr cos i ddint go for mep today. but who would be in the mood to go? after playing so depressingly bad for the exam who wants to go for lessons? sheesh.

at 1:19 PM, she let go.