Friday, February 23, 2007
back to reality

ah. cny was fun in msia, as always, the usual crowd, the usual visitations. yup. thought i would come back refreshed but i feel more tired instead. i did have fun climbing around pulau kapas haha cos we wanted to go to the other side of the island to go snorkelling but in the end the water was too shallow so very near the corals so didnt swim much at that side. i saw a lot of sea cucumbers. they look gross. like shit. haha. literally. and one big marshmellow looking one. it was white. haha. daddy got stung by sea urchin but he's fine now.

got a lot of catching up to do with sch work and such. pray that God will be my strength as He always is (: wah thank God for helping me with my econs test. i dunno what the results are la but He helped me to rmb some points so i could write essay. haha. cos i only chionged today. too tired to study and before the test still took a nap so woke up super seh.

converse chair sneakers (: yay.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
valentine's day <3

its been a nice friendship week. took polaroids with keewei and s2 girls. wanted to donate blood but i got rejected cos my vein was too thin to poke. got a sunflower from keewei today (: it was nice and big, made my day. haha. but it kinda wilted by the afternoon cos there was not enough water. going to msia tmr.

happy v day (:
happy cny

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Sunday, February 04, 2007
one month has passed!

its february already! alot of things have happened as usual. many birthdays, han's housewarming yesterday (yay i love hayeeeatoii!), xcty, trngs, tests, etc etc

school activities have been rather physically demanding on some weeks esp and i just thank God that im still surviving. heh. everything's moving so fast, workload piles up, expectations of everything. and insufficient sleep doesnt help anything at all, my moods are like up and down, though im trying to keep it up if not everything will seem so dreary.

i think i have a problem. i think i know myself well, like my strengths weaknesses and all those stuff, but sometimes i really wonder if i do. so many times i've just been at such a lost cos i dunno what's going on inside of me. emo kid.

i think melvin and zhenjie have passed their germs to me. haha.

seeing ling, han, linna, mel, cyn, mari, gen, lala and xin yesterday really cheered me up loads (:

and emokid misses mob and thailand!

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