Thursday, September 09, 2004
school studying

lala. practiced intrus at home before i went to school to study. sat around with mogu squishy jiaxin ling hanny lulu and their 2 friends kaifong and jialing. yupyup. then sam came so i studied amaths and she did physics. then linna came so we both did amaths and sam was still at physics. ahaha. studied till 2.55pm then i left school. sam and linna went macs for lunch and i went for cello lesson.

my pianist is so cool. she's taking 2nd dip next year and she's only sec2! and i played really gross for the first time and thank God He helped me through the whole lesson. my teacher looked like she was going to rocket into the sky after she heard me play. she was staring and me and i was oops. haha.

went back to school. saw jiaxin and lulu walking yanhan to bus stop so jiaxin went back with me. then lulu asked me if i wanted ice cream. i was like uh. ok. but wont the ice cream melt? and she said she'll run back. too much energy so waste. haha. and she came back with the ice cream half melted down her hand. not funny lah. then she still thanked me and said that it was a great experience. for what? running with the olympic fire... very got fire lah! so silly. haha

did maths all the way till daddy came. dont think it was really productive but yeah. helped linna with some qns. dinner! and im gonna watch movie. yay!

at 7:10 PM, she let go.