Saturday, September 11, 2004
im having a stomachache

bahhs. im having a stomachache. sheesh.

hmms. went to sch yest for mep stuff. mr wong said the pop song was generally ok. made me change some bits on the spot early in the morning and i couldnt really think. managed to crap something he liked. and the interlude part i think sounded ok. it was 4 bars. then he wanted me to change to 8 cos he think it would sound better but yeah i managed to escape. haha. practiced a while with hui jun. think its coming along i just need to practice my part more. yup. did mep project. just roughly discussed some stuff lah.

ate lunch in school with rah and xin and ling and lulu. then rah went home and i did amaths hw. thank God for providing me with an amaths tys to do my hw. i managed to borrow from geri cos she finished already ((: yup. so its now 3 consecutive days of amaths. but at least i was more focused yesterday. and i still have so many questions to complete! grr.

i really really loved the tchaikovsky concert. (oops. sorry sarah!) it was so good! i realised that tchaikovsky has alot of repeats in his music. repeat signs and recaps of previous themes. and the 'variations on a rococo theme for cello and orchestra, op.33' was the best i tell u! it was really virtuoustic lah. so cheem. all the technical stuffs. nella hunkins must have trained very hard for this solo. seriously hard. i wasjust smiling to myself lah. was so awed (: and she wore really nice clothes. haha. out of point. she was wearing something like a white gown. really nice. hahas. after interval was supposedly a 45 minutes piece. but it didnt seem like 45 mins. so i assume it must have been really good to keep my attention. haha. and the conductor was cool. he's really good! haha. got called back on stage like a million times. then they gave him a bouquet of sunflowers. and he sweetly took out one sunflower for the vln first desk's lynnette seah and one sunflower for cello first desk outside. the rest of the bouquet he gave to the oboist and she was so red. hahas.

went to jb this morning to walk around. bought a music score thingy (: yay! then i can do my draft and blah on the computer neat and nice. hahas and can listen to it too. lunched at home and went to church. today's worship was really good (: was quite stoned today during cg time. kept on half-sleeping on the floor. hehs. lalala. i've got mep 1st instru on mon, studio prac on tues, abrsm piano on wed and sec 4 cl test on thursday. i really dunno how to cope. especially with chi after my exam. how to study?? i leave it to God... He will have a way (:

at 7:16 PM, she let go.