Tuesday, January 31, 2006
happy cny!

for once in a long while, cny is spent in singapore. hahah. maybe not very long just that it comes only once a year so seems very long? haha. i dunno. anyway apo, uncle victor, auntie ai and rosina came over. auntie ai and rosina just left this morning.

been eating a lot and slacking all day. sit ard and grow fat. no exercise somemore. haha. my ankle doesnt seem to be getting better so im getting quite irritated. its taking so long to heal! exco mtgs have been quite frequent over the past week but its been mighty fun hanging out with them, all the rubbish that happens. haha. did stunts on sat too. fun fun.

somehow cny here is not as exciting as in msia with all the extended family. heh. oh well. hope we go out today, sick of staying at home doing nothing. its either the com or tv which is not very good. yeah.

run run run!

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Sunday, January 22, 2006
end of week 3! :D

it's been 3 wonderful weeks in sa and God's been good (: seriously, He's working in ways that are truly amazing that it's not possible for it to just happen coincidentally. He's blessed me with great new friends and showed me cool stuffs during some qts with Him. God's so real!

did this spiritual gifts assessment thing yesterday during yf. some of the results were interesting, esp those from my cg members. yup. i dont have leadership la. hahah. and oh my goodness my cg eats like alot alot alot of food okay. haha. shukun came in with food from vineyard retreat and the guys just walloped so much of the food. shocking! hahah.

hmmm wondering how i can get discernment. been thinking about it, esp since yesterday. been praying about it for some time alr. shall Pray Until Something Happens. yupyup.

today is geri's birthday, we went to yuki yaki for lunch. i've never eaten so much food la. hahah except for maybe at seoul garden. we fried ice cream. was quite cool. heh. then went to zara and got stranded there cos it was raining like crap. mad weather.

sermon was really good today. was about how we shouldnt love the world, not literally the world but the way of thinking and living that fails to acknowledge God as central. its the system of living without God.

many a times people just follow society, the things it does and all that goes on in it and they dont realise that they are being changed and transformed. they hang on to materialistic things which will not last till the end and dont go for the eternal. our minds become perverted by the views of others and clouds our vision to see things from a clearer perspective. but God continually reminds us in his word that we should not love the world cos not only will we respond to him in a way that pleases him, it'll also draw us further and further from the truth. all these things come from the devil who's out to deceive us and draw us away from God. when we love the world, we cant love God and we no longer have God's love in us. like pastor celeste said, love for the world and love for God are mutually exclusive.

thankfully, God has given every believer the Holy Spirit which dwells in us and guides us. when we stand firm in God's word, even satan has no control nor way to separate us from the love of God. do not conform any longer to the pattern of this wold, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. then you'll be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will. (romans 12:2) yup so seek what lasts eternally, dont be shortchanged with things that perish.

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Monday, January 09, 2006
chichiwawa chichiwawa SA SA! :D

yay! first week of school wasnt too bad. got to know alot of new people from other schools. thought the first day was rather quiet and unenthu but things slowly lightened up. now we are quite comfortable with one another, and like have sort of our own cliques in og 15, but we still talk to everyone. haha. and my og's quite sexist. the guys always/most of the time talk to guys and same for the girls. haha. oh well. i still think we rock! and of course, well done to og 15 cos we got the best skit! :D

got a really nice ogl. his name's arun. he's quite amusing in his own way but he's really encouraging. yup. sa's quite a nice place, esp since its new and the christian environment is really cool, thank God for that (:

i think i'm gonna try for track and see if i can get in. haha. not like i can run very well but the team's new so no harm trying. if not it'll be netball or touch rugby. yup. sports are fun (: hahah. too bad sa no strings but im not intending to set up so oh well. hahah.

lectures started today. i feel so slack in school la. haha. but i think i'll shall learn to treasure it cos it'll never come again. new friends new friends (:

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