Monday, September 13, 2004
term 4 is here!

today was a fine day. quite alright lah. mep practical was horrible i tell u. waited to long outside for mdm oh and mr wong to dicuss marks. didnt know mdm oh would come lah. grr. i was quite calm at first. then whenever i made a mistake, could hear mr wong taking notes with his pencil. was scratching against the paper. no not loud. then distract me and i make more mistakes. pfft! heck. its over. studied in canteen till dad came and i went for piano. tmr's my last studio practice. better make full use of it. got so many things to do now... lalas. i've got no cheek to cheek partner (tho xiongxiong is an applicant.. haha)

at 9:12 PM, she let go.