Thursday, September 16, 2004
shut up moose

oh fine. i got scolded/lectured by moose. grr. he just got on my bad side. im still quite pissed. he said i told him i got piano exam when i dont even remember that lah. -bites! i only know i told mr wong. pfft! hurumph.

chinese test was ok lah. surprised that i knew quite a lot of words (to me). the weather after recess was so shiok! rained like crazy for 1 hour plus. so cooling (: hahas. wanted to prac with huijun after school but sec 3 music had practical so couldnt. then did emaths at 3p table all aft. wanted to collect my i/c but the auntie was at a meeting. and yes jiaxin and lala can be the first visitor to my i/c. hahas. oh yeah! i love my elvis-presley-wannabe-cow notebook. its so cute! haha. and its more maths for tonight.

at 5:58 PM, she let go.