Friday, September 16, 2005
mid prelim madness

one week of horrible terrible prelims are over already! yay! life's been quite weird. whole study study study. so lifeless. then not enough sleep, too much mao and differentiation and industrial devt and macromolecules and expt and kingshaw, keep getting high. endless whole hearted laughter. julian hee look-alike and banana ox. hahah. doing "situps" all day. im gonna get abs. fu ji. hahah. got a stalker, been studying at the lib. went out with sarah today to town. had a great time talking about stuff. havent talked for so long. think we saw yaxin. was a good time. bought studs again. heh. gen and ling and han and lala came over to study during the hols, sleepovers. prata breakfast where i knocked my head and killed many braincells. my nose went haywire yesterday. was crazy, i felt so sick. bleah. thank God im much better now. i really dunno what to say about prelims other than it's in God's hands.

this is such an unorganised entry. who cares.


at 9:17 PM, she let go.