Tuesday, May 31, 2005
nice pooh stickers (:

havent blogged for quite a while.

went out with xin, mel and lala yesterday. and later ling. we had subway for lunch. it was my first time. hahah. but it was nice. and very filling. wanted to watch madagascar but the 3.45 show was sold out and the 5.30 show was too late cos i had piano. but nvm had fun walking around cine and heeren. and i bought a pair of earrings with mel and lala (for when she pierces her ears) and the free one for xin's sister. haha. got a packet of nice cute baby pooh stickers. nice nice (: i feel like piercing another hole. but that can wait. haha.

thanks for the gifts and wishes and cards people (: i dont feel older. that's good isnt it? hahah.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005
prata outing!

first prata outing of the year! hahas. was supposed to be a hayeeeatoii outing but only me, xin, lou, mel and gen went/could go. oh wells. we still had loads of fun anyway (:

the weather was so nice to sleep in during class time again. but i didnt fall asleep tho i was really tired and kept resting my head on the table. hahah. after school studied with geri, lou and mel till joel came then we practiced for mep then i went for prata with oeeei (including me). actually i thought i had alot of things to blog about but i realised that actually i dont have much to say. haha. i had one plain prata and shared a chicken murtabak with xin. walked back in the drizzle. and now im sleepy. how to study chinese?

oh surprise surprise (tomorrow!)

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Saturday, May 14, 2005
i cant walk properly now

thanks to my stupid rashes. i got it while i was sleeping and this time i really scratched it till the skin's all raw. now it hurts like crap. rahh. like throughout the whole week i kept getting rashes but those werent so bad as this one. i think i need to go get some steroid cream to stop it. this is bad. its like one of the worse bouts of rashes for a really long time.

slept at like almost one last night trying to finish my maths hw. managed to do the tbk one but the tys one is like. goodness. i couldnt even do one qn. as in i know what to do but the answers were wrong. so i just gave up. went to eat cereal and went to bed. haha. it's gonna rain.


jiaxin! i found the lyrics to all four ads of the cadbury thing but i've only seen like 2 or 3 on tv. haha

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury?
You could surf inside a chocolate tube
Ride your board across the wave forever
Get wiped out and never get a bruise
And if a shark came up and tried to bite you
You could say 'I'm chocolate - I invite you'
Wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury?
Chocolate roads and trees and birds and bees
Delivering all kinds of letters daily,
Every kind of purple parcel too.
And if the dog did try and grab a mouthful,
You could bite him back he'd taste delightful!
Wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury?
You could be a soccer super star.
The referee would blow his chocolate whistle,
A shot a goal would even break the bar.
And if you scored the winner
You could have the cup for your dinner.
Wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury?
Riding in the car would be a tasty treat.
Changing gears would soon become a problem
Cadbury dairy milk is so good to eat
When you arrive at your destination,
You'll be greeted with an exclamation!
Wouldn't it be nice?

oh nice chocolate ((:

had worship training after yf today. tho it was only me, amy tan, amy teo, christina, jessica and matthew, it was really fun. and matthew can be really amusing tho he's not really doing anything. his reactions to stuff are really weird. me and christina couldnt stop laughing and we were like rolling on the floor cos our sides ached too much. haha.

practiced with joel as well. was quite horrible. at least on my bit. my hands were all clammy and i didnt play properly. disgusted by my own playing. oh well.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005
wouldnt it be nice if the world was cadbury (:

i like the adverts! and the song's quite amusing. haha.

yesterday was kampong day. haha. traditional games for pe again. and we had to spin the silly top and we played chapteh after that. it was super hilarious. i laughed till my sides ached. me jiaxin xinyi and melissa played the group chapteh. either me or melissa will start the chapteh. and then we'll kick it to the person opposite us. which for me is her and for her is me. and then one of us will kick it to xinyi who will miss the chapteh and it'll drop on the floor. and we kept doing that unconsciously and we irritated jiaxin and she suddenly shouted "eh can you all stop doing that triangle thing!" and that sent us into fits of laughter. and then melissa was hitting the paper ball like a volleyball like some ac girl with one of her legs kicking back up into the air. so retarded la. hahah.

mep test today was so hard! it was last year's o level paper. i think i got a bit too complacent yesterday so i didnt prepare for it properly. oh well. its over now so. heh. learnt a lesson. yup.

was doing qt yesterday and was reading revelations. the description of the new jerusalem is so cool la. i cant wait to go to heaven and just spend eternity with God (: ooh lala. hahah. and i think God told me something really impt. yup.

okay i think i should go take a bath, do my qt and start my physics revision before i start feeling sleepy again.

oh yeah! mrs yeo has a cool new catchphrase: "check it out!" hahahs. so amusing.

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Friday, May 06, 2005
my throat is itchy

i think i ate too much ritter sport choc yesterday. heh. now my throat really hurts. bleah. napfa today was good (: the best in my life. and tomorrow i probably cant laugh cos my tummy will ache cos i did situps today. oh well. really feel bad for my classmates. like they all practiced 5 items on wed and they came to school still hurting today and they have to do the actual today. i didnt have to cos i ran on wed and didnt really do anything else except standing broad jump and sit and reach which dont really hurt.

from next week onwards, sec 4s can leave cca at 5.30 but im not going to. i love my cca too much. hahah. and whats more we have nice pieces to practice for jubilate II. exciting (: i shall study tomorrow. gotta go make a card and write a letter now.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005
i cut my hair!

and im suffering from post hair cut trauma. the shock of it all. its super short now and it looks really weird and its poofy! oh no. from certain angles i think its quite cool but from other angles it looks funny. on a whole my new hair style makes me look like a mushroom. i think. oh no oh no!

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