Sunday, June 27, 2004
im the biggest slacker in the world!

ok haha.. only for this week. i guess. yeah. just dont want to focus on anything else... sometimes i feel like im wasting my time and all. yeah. anyway... yeah woke up at 6.15 this morning. went to the tp market near pcps for breakfast with dad. he was going golf. felt so weird going there eraly in the morning in heels and formal top... eeks! haha. breakfast was nice. had noodles. reached church at 7.10 around there. yeah. erms... did sound check and warm ups... couldnt really sing at first cos my nose was wet. so its like everything's stuck at the back of your throat and u cant project your voice.. horrible. yeah. my voice was totally out.. josia came late. he had some stomach problems. think it was quite bad cos he was in the toilet for so long and went back in the middle of second service worship. yeah. had glutinous rice with nice chilli for breakfast/brunch/snack/whatchamacallit. then we thought that we might have to sing a closing song but we didnt. oh yeah! thank God they didnt show the yucky pictures that was shown at yf yesterday... so embarassing! anyway. went out for lunch (after changing cos my shoes were biting me!)at ps with liz lee, rah, grace loke, christina teo, nicole, alicia, dan loke, alvin, kelvin, ivan goh, justin, ian, alden, yimin, nathanael, nicholas, edwin and anyone else i cant remember. yeah, quite a big group but we split up. met christina lim halfway. haha. and saw sarah chia, john, adele, shufen, eliz chay, and someone i think. yeah. ate at bk... was an interesting lunch conversation we had. haha. yeah. then walked around the shops downstairs. sarah bought like a new skirt and earrings. liz lee bought earrings too. saw this really nice dangly star ones at dorothy perkins but it was a tad too long. yeah. but it was soo nice! hahas. sorry. yeah. then we went to watch them lanning at peace centre. really funny... like oops i haven't played those games before. anyway. intended to go to the toilet with grace loke but got put off by a cockroach running about the floor. haha. went back after that. today's weather's so hot! yeah. ok. have nothing much to update on already... yup.

reminder to all students! school starts tomorrow and we havent finished our hw!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

ok.. haha. i dunno what's with the title. maybe cos i can smell lunch? its like 5 metres away! haha. anw. im left with

ss paper
hist paper
hcl paper
lit paper
hcl journal
hcl wksht
argumentative essay
mep project
uhh... anything else i've missed out

haha. im seriously screwed. definitely wont finish by whenever. the essay's the worst! i havent even got a topic.. ms fazi's gonna scream her head off. slept till 9+ today. had laksa for breakfast (bad cos im singing tmr but too late) yeah. slacked around. until now. haha. hw's all in front of me but im not toucing it... guess i have to.. soon. (: yup. ok.

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

met siu and ber at raffles place mrt this morning to go to vch for practice... yeah. had a dry run too. it was ok but we went overtime by 1/2 an hour. yeah. went for lunch with ber siu dawn and chloe at ps ljs... took retarded neos from a retarded machine too. we saw the piece of paper stuck outside which said 'blue coloured clothes affect prints'... when we were wearing sch u somemore. how nice. hahas. yeah. then went back. did amaths paper.. still havent finished. after that went for worship practice. it was fun. saw a sneak preview of the slide show... my yucky photos are up there! so embarassing xP gonna run and hide my face on sat and sun! hahas. yeah

today! (25/6)
went for s.o. prac in the morning. havent touched dvorak for a month and i have forgotten how to play everything! haha. yeah. quite ok lah. then halfway through my left hand fourth finger got some problem with it.. it hurt when i played yeah. but now its alright.. haha. nearly fell asleep at the bus stop waiting for 86... so darn tired lah.. going out again later to make my i/c... im quite excited for the mep concert... hahas. but its gonna be busy... exp with 5 consecutive days of cello playing. my piano teacher's gonna be jealous. cos my abrsm exam is coming and that is definitely more impt than the concert but i never practice.. haha

i need sleep!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
how to make a debbie

hahas. ripped this off cheryl's blog.

How to make a debbie

5 parts friendliness

3 parts ambition

3 parts energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of wisdom


Personality cocktail

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day off

haha.. ok not really a day off. just slacking around. must do hw later! must do hw later!

woke up at 10 today.. was so tired can? anyway. little cousin came over again.. went out with sarah to go shopping. yups. we went to wisma and taka walking around looking for white long sleeved tops and a long black skirt for her. all for our performance. so mah fan cos so many shops didnt sell! then when we went to plaza sing we went to some shop on the second level. dunno what's the name. finally found a nice one (: cost 30.10 after discount.. but collect another day. probably tmr. yeah. then went to trumpet praise. bought a new small compact bible. easier to bring around rather than my big one. and bought reflector cd... and a cute sheep from another shop.. yays! its so cute (: i was nice and bought famous amos for me my bro my maid and my cousin. yup. oh yeah. stupid sarah brought me into some shop. isetan i think. yeah. then she used the tester nail polishes to paint my nails an odd combination of colours. i looked like some freak lah! how gross xP yeah. that's about it... cant wait for yf! but hate for school to start. this holiday has been so short! for once... haha. how interesting. dont think im going for the chong pang cc wushu course anymore. its so odd. and different. shall take up another sport.

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Since i've found your love
I've never needed anything to fill my heart
Even when i fall
You're always there with open arms to pick me up
From the start i knew
No one else could make me feel the way you do
Everyday i want to grow
Just a little bit closer, just a little bit closer

I want to be a reflector
I want to shine with your glory
I want to let the whole world know that you're
Living in me

I want to burn with your fire
Shine my light a little brighter
I want to let the whole world know that
Jesus Lives in me

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Monday, June 21, 2004
church camp (:

alright man! church camp was a blast! it was just wonderful (: had so much fun there.

first day
went with uncle chong beng and auntie margaret to segamat. with sarah too. cos her dad got some problems with his back, start of a slipped disc so he couldnt drive. yup. so we went to uncle david's brother's house for durians which i didnt eat. yeah. then walked to a nearby shop for lunch. after going back to the house, me sarah and liz were lying on a couch. then sarah hugged my leg and put one of her legs on my other leg and she leaned on liz. and we went to sleep! hahas. it was funny, until we realised that they took photos of us...pfft! but haha anyway. lol. didnt go to the plantation as they had planned so headed straight to puteri resort in malacca. checked in with sarah and went for the tm briefing. mainly introduction. had another briefing for everyone where we played ice breakers in our groups. then it was free time till dinner so we went to take a bath. dinner was ok lah. just that they had loads of flies everywhere and didnt really attempt to prevent the flies from getting to the food so yeah. after that we had our very first sermon. its on acts. yup. it was good. and then we had discussion. yeah. ended the night quite early but then since its the first night everyone was wide awake so we went to chrystal's room and slept over. ahah. yeah. we were all snacking cos soony brought snacks.. and i got asthma after that... was the first one to go to bed.. lol.

second day
we woke up, then me and sarah went back to our room to get our stuff and wash up. went down for breakfast. then sermon and discussion. in the afternoon 'explore malacca' was planned for those who wanted to go shopping. yup. some of us stayed in the resort. yup. cheryl, liz, maria and sarah planned to do an item so they used the whole afternoon to practice in my room. then me and chrystal were sleeping on the beds. then cos they pushed the beds to one side dust flew everywhere and made my alr present asthma worse. bleahs. anyway. dinner was good, with performances... it was really funny! lols. yup. then after that just hung around... soony came over with junk again. yup. this time it was cup noodles. hehs. yeah.

third day
today was the day of the carnival of colours. so after sermon the whole church was preparing for it. i was leading small group discussion with sarah chia. when the kids came we played lots of games and had loads of fun... yup. my feet were sore cos i decided to go bare footed and ended up running on the car park and tennis court which were so hot! rahhs. yeah. one person in my group became a new christian! praise God (: yeah. after that all the youths jumped into the pool and played water polo.. it was so fun! my asthma was much better after all that activity (: after dinner we had a workshop and an elective. it was really good. yup. they had fruit feast after that but i didnt eat. cos it was durians, mangosteens and rambutan which i dont eat. and from shouting during water polo i got a sore throat so couldnt eat mango. slept late again... was waiting for sarah, maria, liz and cheryl who were practising in the nursery...

fourth day
had problems waking sarah up. cos the moment i shook her, she would go 'uhh' and go back to sleep. had to wake her up like 5 times? hahas. went for sermon.. or what was supposed to be a sermon. trevor spoke about something else and not what he had prepared cos God told him to... God's timing is great. He works in wonderous ways... trevor had shared something quite personal to him and he prophesied for some people... the spirit just came and filled almost everyone! everyone was crying and weeping and praying.. the presence of God was so strong... then trevor asked for those who wanted the gift of tongues. i went up with sarah. and God really answers prayers cos we got what we had asked for tho now i really dunno how to do it.. hehes. God will do something. it was just a wonderful time. poured my heart out to God. was so tired after that and had a sore tummy from crying too much.. went for lunch. had another workshop and elective but only went for workshop and prayed for the missionaries. yup. then most of us went to play water polo again... was told to get out of the pool for bartlympics.. it was quite fun.yup. later we wanted to continue playing but it was too full of kiddies so we just did like 'stunts'... climbed onto each other's back and stood up. hahas. it was so fun! carried ashley (alicia's sister) around on my shoulders walking around in the pool. she kept on asking me to go to ian and chris teo so she could hit them on the head... lols. so cute (: after that was balik kampong night... was at a table with dan loke and lum, nicholas and joshua. it was really funny sitting there.. hahas. saw cassandra when we didnt see her earlier on at camp. then she told us her family came here for a holiday and didnt know church camp was here and now! so weird.... yeah. after we ate my whole table went to the front to sit.. cos we were too far back couldnt see much. ian took my tag and liz's tag and kept it for his 'halters'... like whatever lah.. hahas. we were looking out for cute kids when the children did a performance for us. there was this little chubby boy nathanael who was wearing traditional malay costume and a songkok.. he's so cute! especially when he starts dancing.. hahas... so cute! sarah, liz and maria did a great performance... mostly wowed by the gym part... yup. after that all the youths stayed back in one corner of the main hall and were singing away... some parents were sitting around. did the mass dance again! hahas. this time i got the chance to be a girl. cos last year i was a guy. yeah. partnered josia. it was fun. then after that we did the support thing.. it was so cool. everyone forms one circle and lie on each other's legs. girls with girls and guys with guys. it was cool! hahas. then john and ian just took hold of the microphones and just talked rubbish.. it was so fun! oh yeah. most of the girls in yf can do baby freeze... haha. me and sarah were busy packing our stuff cos we were to leave the next morning

fifth day/ today
had problems waking sarah up again. but we managed all right. went back with unle robert and auntie lynn... there were 3 kids were playing in the car... thomas is so cute.. haha. fell asleep. reached s'pore quite early surprisingly. went to sarah's house for lunch and headed straight to practice.. was so tired during practice couldnt play properly. even now my arms still hurt... or tired.. yup.

really thankful that God blessed the camp so much! it was just wonderful (: God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
mep concert rehearsals

*waves wildly!

ok im high.. haha. i dunno. anyway the past 2 days have been quite fine... the pieces are really nice! i like all of them.. i think. haha. but the pomp and circumstance is darn hard lah... the conductor is really farnie.. haha. v.cute. doesnt scold one lorh. very nice (: haha. oh yeah im in like 3rd desk out of 4 so i guess its ok lah. outside stand partner is cherilyn (*gosh i dunno how to spell her name!) haha. im lousy. my section leader is the wen bin guy who went after me during auditions... he's freaky.. yup. then.... my arms are very tired. both from lugging my dear cello around for 3 days straight and for playing so much... ouch. and my butt too. stupid acs(i) chairs are so hard and since we sit half chair we get buttaches after that. how nice. and we have to provide our own stands for rehearsals... what rubbish.

went to watch yoyoma last night after rehearsal.. he's good (: haha. and his funny friends too... yup. and my arms were too tired to clap so long. bleahs. going to rah's aunt's house for dinner then to her house to stay over till camp (: gonna have lagsane! whee! lols... think we're gonna be very drained by monday. and to think we still got prac then... rahh! okies... im off for last minute packing in case i miss out anything... bye! im coming back on monday.. dont miss me ;) hahas. love you all!

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Monday, June 14, 2004
darn audition + screw u

yesterday's "class bbq" was a blast.. best man. only 7 people turned up... what a lousy number. the rest who said that they could come couldn't make it last minute. so me, qianya, yingqing, jiantong, minjun, lulu chew and twinloo just sat there at east coast eating chips, walking along the beach and drinking stuff. then rented bikes and went to macs for dinner. surprised that i didnt get chao ta. haha.. anyways.

had the stupid audition today. screwed it up man. all the others were so pro lah. and to think im desk 3. how embarassing! yeah supposed to go sentosa but cos of the audition couldnt go cos the timing's so odd. but ahma and auntie calyn came over so yeah. cant leave the house halfway can i? tomorrow's the first practice. supposed to go for a outreach meeting after that but forgot that im going to watch yoyoma.. so cool (: hahas. so tired man... bleahs. carrying a cello all the way to moe hq without getting to sit down and then coming back after like half an hour there really drains your energy.

ohyeah. getting a lift from sarah's parents on thurs. it'll be much faster. but i still dunno how my cello's gonna squeeze, esp with all our luggage in the boot. we have to discuss! lols.

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Saturday, June 12, 2004
sports extreme with a difference (:

my legs hurt... show my unfit-ness over the past 2 weeks. lol

okies. yf today was sports extreme and think everyone had fun. played captain's ball today. yeah. had liz lee, yewya, chrystal, cheryl tan, wanglin and kelvin in my team... and we won! yay! haha thanks to really tall people, or quite tall people with good talents. haha. yeah. there was this 'second game' which me and chrystal did together. it was rather fun but the last task we ended up running from the field to yf room and back to the field in like 4-5 mins? crazy. ok so that hurt my legs. yeah. but it was worth it.

went out for dinner at crystal jade (tp). intended to change out of my horrible smelly clothes but since i rushed out after yf didnt get the chance so just went crystal jade in tee shirt and shorts which is kinda weird. haha. yeah. then went to the pasar malam to look see. bought a new hp cover. then sch shoes from bata. and popular cos jie needed to buy a whole lot of stuff. found a cute pouch to stuff my test tubes into. lols. class bbq tmr... so fun (: im gonna grow fat.

ahh! audition is 2 days away! only have tmr and mon morning to chiong! hope i get throught alright. and i have to get to the moe hq which is at redhill?! crazy people. pfft! and gotta lug my dear cello too.. next week's gonna be extremely busy. and still have so much hw to do... darn.

oh yeah! God is really good (: went down to the golden mile tower on friday with kelvin to go book bus tix for me him and sarah for thursday night. yeah. then one of the bus companies said that most of them only have morning buses to malacca. thank God the second company we asked had night buses, exec type.. yay! hahas. mad rush on that day. right after practice me and sarah have like 1 and a 1/2 hours to 'get ready'... its all worth it for the camp everyone's waiting for (: think its gonna be great!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

okay everyone! hello (:

the mp thing turned out to be extremely boring... they just wasted a whole lot of time. bleahs. yeah. went to watch harry potter on sunday. it was really nice but i think the previous 2 movies were better. wonder how the next one will be...

went for chem practical yesterday. it was fun getting to mix stuff and see swirling colours! hahas. everyone was like 'ooh!!!' throughout the whole practical.. had to bring my dear test-tubes to town. cos i went to meet trix after that. waited for her for like one hour at somerset cos she had some competition on.. yeah. i know im nice.. waiting for one hour. haha. but its my best friend, whaddya expect? okies enough crapping. saw j.kwok on the way out. went to cine intending to eat at pasta mania but it was darn crowded and think someone just threw up there so it was kinda stinky. so we went to heeren, crepes and creme (: had chicken baked rice and ice cream... yummy! jie gave me money to get my havaianas for my b'day so i bought a pair at a shop there. its nice (: walked all the way to far east to go take neos and get another pair of earholes. yes, i got another pair of earholes (: haha. yeah. we took really nice neos but not enough time to deco all. so one was plain and one had the word rock on it. haha. yeah then we both went back cos we had stuff on. trix intended for bazhang to come too but being a bazhang maybe its hard for her to get to her phone and realised that trix sent her an invitation 3 days ago!!! silly woman. she probably hasnt realised it yet.. oh wells. can always go out again. yeah. on my way home got an sms from moose saying that i got an audition for the mep concert on the 14th.. im screwed cos the pieces look really hard... till i looked at them again this morning and found out that they're actually not that bad.. hehs. but an audition! i dun wanna go. what's more it clashes with my plans for that day... pfft! God will settle it all. yay! He's great!

this morning/afternoon. got an sms from hanny saying there's a meeting for the proper attire campaign people or smth liddat at 1 at macs. got the sms around 12. and left house at 12.15... thank God i reached there on time. yup. missed the bus cos i was playing with my phone and the thing just zoomed past. bleahs. yeah so went for cello lesson after that. it was good. but i've been set a whole new chunk of stuff to practice. new scales, arpeggios and chromatics. then she cleverly gave a new etude and 2 new pieces! -faints!- one of the pieces is like ravel? 20th century? darn cheem man. even after she went through the whole thing with me im still really blur.

crazy people. compose such hard stuff... pfft!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004
stoned face -___-

hellowello... havent updated in like a little more than a week. went to my granny's house in m'sia on saturday. had prata again at mersing! whee! hahas. it was really nice (: and then we just kept driving and driving...cant rmb where we had lunch. hehs... yeah. reached granny's house at like 4 plus. which is quite a good timing. yup. her new house is so nice lah... near the beach so its really windy all day long... even if they install aircon in the rooms its quite unnecessary. yeah. went down to the book store to get some mags to read and some stationery. then back to the old house to move somemore impt stuff.. like the tv and vcd player! hahas... watched quite a few movies there like 50 first dates, shrek 2 (again), troy, my girl.. yeah. did 2 papers over the 3 days. yay! oh yeah! its really noisy at night cos the roadside stalls downstairs open till real late so u can hear them frying stuff and all that. and traffic too. on the last night there was muslim prayer in the wee hours of the morning... only a little not irritating lah... over the pa system somemore. darn loud lah. pffft! came back on wednesday. skipped breakfast and went straight to segamat for lunch and the one and only good world restaurant! yum yum yum (: hahas. reached home around 5 plus. yup. was so tired cos throughout the whole journey i only slept once then the rest of the way i was staring out the window just stoning... my eyes turned red.. lol. yeah. had to sleep early cos thursday was the mep camp at acs(i). we learned the salsa on the first day. it was quite fun. second day was quite bleah tho... everyone was so tired.. yeah and since they gave us so much time to practice for the mini competition it got really boring. yeah. there was this teacher which sort of pissed me off. she kept asking me to do the steps over and over in front of her cos there was an odd number in my group so 3 people danced in front and i was one of the 3. and the other 2 were pro ballet people. yeah so obviously i cant be compared to them. and i knew that i couldnt do the steps that well but she was so pressurising... rahhh! yeah. was so tired when i came back that i slept at 9. got the mp thing later. dont feel like going.

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