Saturday, November 05, 2005
the importance of prayer

believe in what you ask for and it will be given unto you (: God chooses to work through our prayers although He can do anything He wants whenever He wants.

i dont think i should be here but i am so oh well. heh. hcl paper was stupid. but its over! no more chinese! yay (: mep harmony was okay. easy and do-able so i think should be alright.

bleah. had diarrhoea yesterday morning at 4am. so horrible and painful. when i came to school, thought it'd be alright. and it was till an hour before the paper, after lunch. and this time it was worse. but thank God that it didnt affect me during the paper at all (: yup. got 5 papers this coming week. seriously i dont feel very stressed somehow. heh. i dunno la. maybe its just my so-so nature. haha.

at 7:30 PM, she let go.