Thursday, August 30, 2007
holidays (so called)

oh yay finally the week of exams is over and i can take a breather. the papers have been so draining and every night i have like pre-paper jitters which lead to temporary insomnia even tho i would very much like to have more sleep. hahah

i need to get exercise. my muscles are dissolving and im becoming unfit ): ah. miss the days of spikes and reps of 150,200,300,400,600,800,1000,1200,1600. adrenalin pumping activities.

i need to do some brainless activity. that would be tmr (:

at 2:38 PM, she let go.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

one week to prelims. oh im lovin it. hahah. its crazy i think the stress has gotten to my head

cg time today was good and im glad we got to talk about the power of our words. i really had a good time of discussion with my cg (:

on a side note. i went down to paragon today, in the rain, for the sake of my results. i was quite scared but didnt really feel much. was praying for God to prepare me for whatever comes. yeah. but thankfully, i passed. by like 6 marks. haha. i felt glad that i passed but again i didnt feel much. so weird haha. yup but thank God anyway (:

went for trng yesterday. a sign of how unfit i am is the fact im aching now. haha. but it was good and forced me to not get too attached to studying 24/7. i didnt study the whole evening cos i took 1.5 hours to get back from school. ridiculous. oh well.

cant wait for prelims to be over for now. so that i can take a proper break. rah

God reign in me!

at 7:41 PM, she let go.