Tuesday, March 27, 2007

im dying. BT1 has driven me crazy cos it was so hard. and the results are quite terrible. thankful for those i got back today. piano exam is in june=2 months away=8 more weeks=8 more lessons. im so screwed la. super duper stressed already and i cant contain it anymore. got competition in april, right after my holiday and im missing 3 trngs. made a wrong decision in going but of course its too late for regrets so i'll convince myself that i'll enjoy it.

at 6:46 PM, she let go.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
the sky is falling!

actually its not (duh!) but then there was an earthquake today in sumatra and our sch felt the tremors. twice. it was quite scary cos we didnt know what was happening initially. after chem spa we were in the cafe eating then hsiaoen was like "eh who's shaking the table, can stop shaking?". then we come to a sudden realisation that no one was shaking. then we see each other swaying left and right at the tables. was quite amusing. and later we found out it was an earthquake. and we had to abandon our half eaten food ( :( ) and assemble on the field cos it was a level 3 tremor so we had to evacuate. how exciting.

during gp, near the end of the lesson we felt the tremors again so all of us were evacuated again. and this time round we were dismissed to ensure our safety. so yup. exciting day. pray for the victims of the quake

trng yesterday was killer. i shouldnt have done gym in the morning during pe. we did 800,1000,1200,1000,800. it was madness. now im aching everywhere. and im super tired.

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