Saturday, July 31, 2004
dunno what lah.

hellos. yesterday was fun ((: we had soccer for pe. think its the last session. but it was fun ((: chen mama didnt come so phee was in charge yup. think gen's team/jt's team is the best lah... haha. they are pro! lols. nearly scored quite a few times but kept missing. oh wells. had maths which was on planes... not airplanes u poks.. as in planes to the normal and trig stuff. yeah. finished reading ella enchanted! haha was reading in between lessons cos i didnt want to bring it home. its so nice ((: now i really want to watch it. after recess was maths again cos zhanglaoshi changed period. hist was a joke. mrs tan said that she'll finish teaching and let us off early but i see no difference.. haha. wasnt really paying attn (oops!) got test on monday so i'll study later. yup. oh yeah! my classmates are terrorisers. they terrorise their seniors. not all but some. cos we thot jing qin looked like linna or vice versa. yeah. so we had a sign at lulu's window. "please stop if your name HAPPENS to be l** j**** q**" yeah. then geri asked dora to wwalk pass at 12.30. the whole back row was laughing throughout maths. mrs yeo thot we were crazy. haha. yeah. then when they came down they didnt notice the msg till geri pointed out the them... haha. then we showed jing qin linna.. it was so funny ((: yeah. now there's another sign which says "3p loves to terrorise their seniors" with names of possible victims. and a small phrase at the bottom "please put your name down if u wished to be terrorised"... haha. so retarded. yup. and lulu chew brought a mooncake and lanterns for mooncake fest... haha. she's so cute.. hung the lanterns with a curve ruler outside her window. cca was quite ok. sec 4s didnt come. during break hanyou and matilda announced the results of elections. yup. so now joy is the new president and anqing vice pres. and im discipline sect. yup. oh yeah! yan han's the new ld president... haha. she'll be terrorised on monday. like captain hor. i was and still am supposed to play tessa's composition with claire and huei li. tried to play the first bar and i nearly cried! its so hard! then we were asking mr chan to see if he could play and he was like "whoa... this is so hard. needs lots of practice" yeah. so i conclude that i cant play it by wednesday. and to think i agreed when mr wong asked me to help him sight read some pieces on wednesday! oh no... screwed. im gonna pon mep! -runs away and hides! ahhh... God bless me.. haha. rushed off after cca. went down to s11 to pack dinner. yup. then brought it to church to eat. reached there at 7. thot more people would be there alr but there was only 4. haha. so i ate in the music room and talked to nat. yup. the meeting was ok. had some introduction games and briefing on what we had to do... yup. quite basic. ended surprisingly early. like 9? yeah.

today got a lift from uncle bugs on the way to school. dropped me at the bus stop. waited quite long for the bus but i was still the earliest there. then yan han came. then dom. then sut yee, claire and chooting, then deborah ong. so little! out of 18. we sort of rehearsed. yeah. but since now the meeting with ms low and mrs kuek is postponed we have more time to prepare. thank God. yup. ate lunch at macs with yanhan and dom. dom and bella wrote really funny scripts. haha. so stupid. yeah and dom was tarzan when we walked out of school.. haha. she's so weird. lols. went to tp central to look around for ****'* ******** *******. yup but couldn't find so went off to church for worship prac. it was good tho there was some problems with the guitar thingy. smart liz chay found out the problem. haha. but that cut a bit of our practice.overall worship was still good. think today's msg is really good and that all of us should learn to apply. tho it may be hard, it's still worth it. discussion was good too. bought oreos. the guys didnt really contribute but it was still good. haha. ok there's alot of goods in this para. out of point. ok nvm. yeah. just had curry fishhead for dinner. tho i only picked on the lady's fingers. haha. need to prac piano for hanyou and my exam... pfft!might get a new phone tmr... might. cos russell's phone's dead. then dad saw some roadshow thing going on tmr so we're going after church. yup.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004
sore eyes

today was an ok day. geri and trish didnt come today cos they were sick... i was alone! but at least still got the people on the other side and in front like lulu, xinn, yanhan and linna ((: first thing in the morning was a mtg... and i got a role ((: im paikia no 3... hahas. you'll find out soon. anyway. had the aust maths comp. was so tired but still managed to do the paper. right after that was maths.. again! rahhs. couldnt find my ruler. the last time i misplaced it so i bought a new one. then it drowned in sarah's pencil box never to be found again. thus i had to buy a new one... 2 rulers in one week. pfft! chinese was. boring. i had to put eyedrops cos my eyes were becoming dry and pain. couldnt read properly cos i was tired! ohwells. recess me and hanny had to get invest u for some primary kids so i skipped duty. yeah. ate popiah with han. she ate a burger. yup. nice nice. went back for chem at the com lab.. mrs ang let us use the comps again (: haha. played save'em goldfish and ended up screaming and squealing with linna cos she was watching me and kan-chiong-ing me... haha. so fun. lit test was understandable. at least the poem was. didnt really know how to answer the qns. just crapped a whole lot. eng lesson i finished my book review and borrowed linna's ella enchanted book to read... but i still want to watch the movie. went to watch s.o. lunchtime concert. st paul's suite rocks! its soo nice! lunched with 3faith people. went home with val and anqing. yup. used the com, bathed, read ella enchanted, practiced piano for the whole afternoon. after dinner. read a bit more and went off to do my work. next week we have a hist test on mon and chengyu test on dunno what day... need to study hard! cpr course tmr and stepping down i think. then mtg at 7. probably end up with chicken rice dinner or smth. dunno lah.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
double champs!

double champs!!
ahaha! we actually got double champs! c div was really tough with sports school. st nix track and field you guys did well! ((: got drenched by the rain... pfft. smelt so weird after that. eating dinner like now? how late is that? haha. gonna sleep late cos of my hair. i pratically stretched my vocal chords. haha. everyone's gonna come with sore throats tmr. xiongxiong is addicted to my thumb.. haha. so cute! ilovexiongxiong ((: mrs ang tricked us again today. never tell us that we were doing practical again. but she let us use the test tubes.. haha. yeah. saw clara and lynette. dunno what else to blog. ok. haha. i'm gonna learn how to give the breath of life on friday... eeee. i dont want to go!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
making cotton candy's fun (:

making cotton candy's fun ((: haha... but very messy. but funn! lols
today was a rather nice day. excluding cello lesson. yup. lessons before recess were ok.. could have gotten a higher grade for chinese. by one mark! and i had so many careless mistakes.. oh well. had early recess. then went down with sarah to the mep room so i could prac cello and she could do the composition. yup. after recess was chem. we did practical today. supposed to bring our own test-tubes but she didnt tell us! so she let us use the school's for free. it was so funny! did group work with marilyn and gen. supposed to come up with an experiment to find the most concentrated acid using magnesium ribbon. yeah. then plan was to dissovle 3 small pieces.. but marilyn happily said: "lets put 10 in so that gen can have fun cutting the magnesium" yeah. and we didnt think that it would make much difference. so i put in mine first. then like 3+ minutes later, marilyn and gen did their's. and i ended up waiting for almost 10 minutes for my magnesium to dissolve! and their's took like less than a minute and almost 2 mintues respectively! and i was like what?! then gen still said. lets repeat the experiment and find the average time.. i ran far away!!!! haha. so she went to take more magnesium. then she just chucked the ribbon into the acid and let it dissolve. and because there was not much time left. all 3 of us just put like so much magnesium into our own beakers? then gen's beaker was so hot and fizzing like crazy can... mrs ang came over and she was like staring at us and 3 of us were like rofl.... ahhahas. she borrowed cynthia's phone and went around taking pictures of the stupid things we were doing so she took a picture of gen's saturated acid still fizzing... lol! haha. it was so fun... she nearly wanted to give us dentention.. aha. but there's no such thing in our school so we had to clean up the lab.. like check the tidiness and stuff.. for a while only. we gave her a note on filter paper too! to remind her of the 'three muskerteers' or whatever she named us. she was threatened to put it in her wallet... and that we would do spotchecks on her wallet to make sure it was there.. haha... fun fun fun ((:
was slightly late for chinese cos of that but didnt really matter. she let us do our own things. yup. then near the end of maths lesson, mrs yeo was teaching us a new formula and everyone was like 'uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' ahaha... yeah. so we decided to come up with a song to match the formula like the x=-b blah blah one.. yeah. so at first they tried the same song but it didnt work so they did the school song that mrs yeo suggested. it fitted quite well but it was so funny! cos some parts sounded weird and she did funny angry actions at us! haha. everyone was singing the stupid song and me and linna just kept on laughing till we cried! we sang it 3 times. everytime we started, after one line i would just laugh.. haha. it was so ridiculous.
went for cello lesson after that. played so crappy today. darn out of tune. so disgusted by my own playing... eeks! yeah and she sort of scolded me. i think. yeah. then it rained and didnt bring my unbrella so i stayed in school waiting for my dear-irritating-but-nice junior zixin (: haha. yeah. had nothing much to do. well i had but making cotton candy for ld was much funner. haha. was with jill and jill and trish and gen. haha. i make nice round fluffy cotton candies ... haha. yeah. at first they had like 1/3 pail left of sugar to finish so we just gave generous helpings to a whole lot of primary kids, and some sec people. yeah. was making like crazy and had bits of cotton candy stuck to my face and my arm. so sticky.haha.. those who wanted more lived to regret.. haha. cos gen just piled so so much for them. haha. so funny. when zixin came from cello, i went to the sink to wash up. ran there lah. then one second before i reached there i had deja vu that i was going to fall down. and i did. cos i was running too fast and the floor was slippery. so i fell and ended up with a sooper sore bum... was limping back.. haha. and sadist juniors like heather and zixin were laughing... evil! but its alr now. so i went to eat orange bowl with zixin.. yum yum yum and lots of chilli. bought some fishballs cos i was still hungry but i think i over bought.. haha.  was quite bloated after that. and during the time i went to the specs stand with zixin to stone they actually finished the whole pail! when i cam back i was like: its finished?! haha. they ended up buying somemore sugar from uncle mobeen. haha.  yeah. went home when daddy came. now im stuck with 7 more bars to compose.. i can do it!

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Monday, July 26, 2004

hello. yesterday went to seoul garden for lunch... quite nice. and my bro has princess hands.. hahas. ok. im mean. we watched i, robot first. i didnt think it'll be that interesting but it was good ((: haha. quite funny. then we went for a snack and watched mean girls. its nice too ((: funny. but i still want to watch ella enchanted! haha. soon!
today's assembly we did cheer prac for nationals. the atmosphere was quite dead to begin with. like only the sec fours cheering. haha. then towards the end it was better. yup. english we slacked in the library. maths. mrs yeo has finally returned from her one-week long hiatus. it was boring. haha. did recess duty then went to eat with sarah. yup. we talked. haha. wanted to go buy the sec 4 ss textbook cos we thot ms low would use today but they were out of stock. then when i went back to class, xinn borrowed extra! thanks ((: ended up not using the sec four textbook but the sec 3 which i forgot to bring again! yeah so i just left the sec 4 book on my table and flip randomly.. haha. had to cover up so many times cos ms low kept on walking down the aisle...scary. but at least i was listening.. haha. oh yeah. got back chinese paper. got 64/100... quite good. like real. got pulled down by summary and zao ju. the rest was quite ok. shall improve! physics low iq said she marked something wrong. and because of that. i have now failed the paper... grr... went for ipw presentations after that. was rather boring. then went home with lala, minjun, liting and xinyi. yup.
wrote john 3:16 on the board today for a start, together with any prayer requests from anyone. but no one told me till i asked them. yeah.. well it's a start. some only told me after i asked them personally so maybe they didnt see the msg.... that's about it

The winds of God are always blowing, but you must set the sails. --Unknown

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Sunday, July 25, 2004
im crazy

lalas... woke up this morning and went to run... i cant believe myself. hahas. ran to the market and back halfway then walked. haha. daddy cancelled the late night movie so we didnt go watch.. kinda disappointed. going out with koka russ and di later. might still watch ella enchanted cos im not that keen on i robot but we'll see. had chicken pie for breakfast... yummy yum yum ((:

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Saturday, July 24, 2004
chilli crab rox my world!!!

woots! hahas. just had homecooked chilli crab. but nothing beats 'no signboard seafood restaurant's chilli crab! the one there is the nicest and bestest ((: but anyway. it was nice. went for yf just now. the speaker was really good. he looked familiar from the side but then after he stood up i was like. ok i dont remember. haha. yeah. really feel like doing something. me and sarah are in the midst of planning. yup.  for the school and of course the glory of God (: yewya didnt come today so shukun led and he sort of prompted me and sarah to start. we will see God work in His ways! quite excited... haha. going to watch a late night movie with di later. ella enchanted.. so fun (: i know im a deprived teen.. first late night movie. hahas. turned out they didnt announce the results yesterday so we have to wait till friday. hope they dont delay the announcing next week cos i've got a mtg after that. yeah.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
im sorrry )):

guess i wasnt in a good mood last wednesday. i take back what i said about hating mr wong.. he's a great musician... but he's definitely very queer. got back my 3-note composition... got 7/10. comments he wrote: "... one can see that you definitely did not spend more than a few hours writing this..." like hello i was composing it right under your nose after coming in late from oral? then he wrote on fel ang's paper: "... wow! not only do you and deborah have the same manuscript paper, you guys have same ideas too! cool! " like ahahahs... cos fel refered to my paper and both of us borrowed paper from anqing. damn retarded lah.. hahas.he was telling us: " oh the passing mark is 3/10." then someone asked him:" wont it appear on our ppr as fail?" the farnie part was when he said: "no... according to my mathematical calculations, if you all work hard enough you'll do fine..." everyone started laughing after the phrase "mathematical calculations"... hahas. corny. got back my harmony test. got 57.5/75 quite alright lah but some wasted marks. yup. hmmm.. probably going out on sunday. yup. not sure if im going to church tho cos daddy's playing golf... dunno lah. see how. i like today... hahas. its a funny day... in class too.. oh yeah! for once ting xie on the day before test i actually know how to write the words! hahas. so proud of myself. started studying on sunday? or sat? anyhows, -grinns (: lols. but im still scared for tmr.. yup. looking forward to friday after hearing some not so good stuff..

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

pfft! idontlikethiscertainmepteacher who said we have to compose a 12 bar string quartet using 12 tones retrograd inversion... and i didnt know! thank God its not due tmr... cos my ws is in school and i dont have manuscript. i need to go buy!
and its 2 days into my detox fruit/veg diet... its quite ok so far. but i get hungry easily.. hehs. and tmr's fried food day! and i've gotta stay back for mep. dunno how to survive. lols. tried to change my gbk layout but failed badly... not made out for such things.. haha. went for 2 rounds with yanhan before assembly. quite alright. found out that i can actually run in my loose new school shoes. ahahs. got chinese test on thurs. studied like halfway? but dont think i can remember much. gonna watch daddy's girls later.. and teach my brother maths. and its graphs! that's really encouraging. oh yeah! mrs yeo didnt come yesterday.then she happily swopped periods with zhanglaoshi so we were supposed to have 4 periods of maths today. but she didnt come again today. there was this relief teacher with a voice too bimbo-ish for her age... gross. did classwork and got assigned hw. yeah so we're still left with one day of 4 periods of maths... eeks!
sec fours are stepping down soon. i dunno what to get. and im worried about the orch... uh-huh

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im noon ((:

Noon - You are pleasant, friendly, and an overall
nice person.  You enjoy the energy and activity
of the daytime, and tend to be very productive.

When are you?
brought to you by Quizzila

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Friday, July 16, 2004

i dont like today... today's a not-so-nice day... just feel so gloomy and stoned. pfft! pe was the only fun thing...

aye -- what's going on?

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
slack week

whee! haha... this week's so slack. after monday (killer physics test), everything was just play...hehs. not much hw and lessons are quite slack. mrs ang let us use the comps for half of her lessons this week. had cl oral. definitely much easier than everyone had expected. was crapping with yanhan, ling and mellie in the waiting room... so funny (: but i stumbled quite abit, repeated, added in my own words and didnt read some words... how pathetic.ah wells. its over!

went for mep lesson after that. around 4.30. and i regretted going. i dont like mr wong! -bites! he's such an irritating ballerino! pfft! first he said those who dont finish their 3 note composition would have to stay back till they finished. so i crapped something out. then we had the presentations of projects till 5.20. then 10-minute break. after that, while some people where still coming back, he played this 'game' with 10 people? we had to write some rhythmic thing with our name.. it was kinda dumb. we also had to write this what erm.period, statement, liquidification and ending... some rubbish like that. and then he held us back cos everyone had to go to him individually to show him our compo and the period statement thingy... grrs! and i left the room at 6.40? so late lorh. and mr cher left us there to rot! what's more, mr wong locked the doors except the workroom one cos he wanted to make sure everyone handed in... i dont want to go for mep till occ comes back again!

went to collect the cca t-shirts with anqing after school today. she had her bass lesson first while i went to watch band lunch time concert with cyn marilyn and jiaxin (: and we watched xiaodabao play the percussions... so cute (: haha. so we took mrt to outram. then we took a cab. the cab driver is a pervertic evil man! we got in. then anqing told him the address. and he told us he didnt know how to go only after he started driving? and he just continued driving... and said something like " wo bu hui qu... wo zai ni men dao jurong..." so freaky can? then after a while he was like "ni men xia dao zhe yang!" we were like very not funny lah! evil! pedophile.... XP be wary all u people out there who take cab from outram mrt!

cant wait for tmr... we have voting for comm members... whee! haha. think anqing will be president... yay! so fun (:

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Sunday, July 11, 2004
i like this photo (:

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Friday, July 09, 2004
term 3 week 2

time passes so fast.... ok. haha.

monday when i went for piano lessons i got kinda stressed and nearly cried... seems like everytime i go for piano i end up nearly crying.. ok that's not the point. the point is that ms chew drilled me like crazy. my arm was like droppy after that. so tired can? then tuesday had cello no strength to play. rahhs. wednesday and thursday we had practice at ccab. it was quite alright.

and today! concert night! eee... my eye hurts... anyway... supposed to be dismissed at 1 but i came out with maryanne and sarah at 12.30 cos we didnt want to have horrible lessons. yeah. didnt have lunch. just a drink. cos recess ended like an hour ago? haha. yeah. sat around the canteen. then we went to change. was quite hot for a while cos its long everything. yeah. haha. others came after that. waited for them before we all went to forum to wait for the bus. yeah. after we reached there had another briefing before they started the program run through. didnt do much till the end cos that's where im supposed to play. haha. nearly fell asleep cos i got quite sleepy. hehs. shared a packet with char for dinner cos we didnt really feel like eating. yeah. its was quite funny. haha. tender chicken... IT'S MINE!...ok nvm. haha. yeah. when the concert started had nothing much to do. so i went with siu to the other backstage area where im not supposed to go to but no one really cared. everyone was just walking. yeah. sat upstairs with the tjc people. haha. they're really comical. got scolding tho cos we were making too much noise. but it was fun. haha. really nice bunch. and their teacher's really friendly... how nice. maybe i'll go to tj next time. but see whether i'd still be interested in mep then. haha. yeah. talked to siu abit. it was good. then when we went to play mozart. i was playing halfway then i like lost track and didnt know where i was. haha. pretending to play while trying to find the notes. lol. quite funny. luckily i wasn't sitting outside if not it would have been even more embarassing. then after that it was all the 3 pieces. mr lim was like talking to the audience and asked shawn to give a demo.. haha. it was funny. yeah. didnt really play that well for some parts but it was okay-ish. yeah.

to cellists: you guys did a great job (: loveya loadsies tho u'll probably never see this... haha

to everyone who performed: yay! it was a great concert that we put up for the ikan bilis (: haha

yeah. got flowers from jana, weiling, xinhui, esther, peizhen and cinli (: thanks people! went home with jie.. took cab. yeah. cooked noodles after a quick shower. now im super drained. glad i've got nothing on tmr morning. cant really blog much cos im quite lazy to... hehs. well, nite (:

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

had cca on friday. it was quite ok but think mr chan was like stressed byt the vln 3. hehs. hope that gets settled soon. o level listening was alright. didnt know that they broadcast it over the radio. ahas. so funny. it was rather confusing. like they would ask you the qn and the options are basically everything they said so u dunno which on to pick. irritating. and we were made to reach sch at 7.30 when the thing started at nine. pfft. oh wells. went to j8 after that with sarah so she could have lunch. went to the converse shop to see if they had my colourful sneakers but they didnt! so sad. maybe they're not selling it anymore. went home with anqing. took a 20 min nap before going to yf. yeah. this week it was held in the sanctuary. think they'll keep on having it in there unless there're events. yup. dave interviewed our first missionary, andrew ng. it was rather interesting but got boring towards the end cos it was getting draggy and all. yeah. ooh! wore the spongebob shorts with cheryl too! haha. yeah. stayed back for worship training. had chicken rice for dinner. with 2 packets of chilli (: nice nice. and the drink machine ate up my money! bleahs. anyway. the training was quite alright. yeah. basically ways for us to improve. yup. good.

went for first service today. it was quite alr. got letter from kelvin. he's stupid lah... so silly. the postcard had this couple kissing on it and he went to censor it! every single letter he wrote got censored. haha. retarded. then the deco inside says kelvin rocks! like whatever. haha. went to ikea for lunchie! had the swedish meatballs (: yummy. havent eaten there for ages. bought a storage box for my sch stuff to leave in sch. yeah. and those small boxes for my barang barang. got the kiddy cutlery. haha. and saw my beloved big retarded ant again! its so cute (: ahaha. was so tired after that. came back and plonked on my bed. slept for 3 hours plus. but still tired. as usual. haha. had tomyam soup for dinner (: nice nice nice. oh yeah. gained like 1 kg over the hols. gonna try and push my weight down. shall watch what i eat. still havnt started on my essay. probably tonight. yup

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
*dizzy fizzy wizzy

yes... school has started once again. thank God for His blessings (:

ok. recap

change in timetable. mrs yeo's our new maths teacher, mrs tan's our pe teacher, ms low's our ss teacher, and mrs low's still our physics teacher...pfft! i want imran to teach us... anyway. it was such a slack day can? we werent made to do the fam dance... luckily. yeah. we didnt do much today. the teachers didnt even talk about independant assessment, except for mrs yeo. she was the only one who gave hw and made us hand in our assessments. and physics... was spent going through the experiment that we were supposed to hand in onthe last day of school... when i was somewhere else eating prata.. hehs. yeah. but i dont think i've got the graph and stuff. yeah.

morning jog.. 2 rounds (: haha. mrs y didnt come for lit so free periods. did redox for chem. after recess was 3 straight periods of hcl! i almost died. thank God zhang lao shi just made some people talk about their hols and went through the ws with us. last 1/2 an hour was free (: did maths after that. was quite burnt after that. hahas. prayed with sarah after school. then went for cello. 45 minutes cos the teacher was so free. lol. yeah. my fingers nearly died. and she says my vibrato's gone haywire so i have to do those exercises again. bleahs. ate orange bowl for lunch! the yummy taste of the wonderful chilli ((: so nice! hahas. studied chem with marilyn and cyn in class. after dinner did a good qt (: hees. yeah. then studied chem till bout 11? yeah.

like maths and sciences before recess? really tiring. chem test was quite easy.. expected harder qns but anyway. its good that it was easy. haha. mrs low scolded us cos we were supposed to go to the com lab but we didnt. yeah. we werent sure and everyone was still asking each other chem answers. haha. she intended for us to do some online experiment but the sch coms didnt have shockwave so she just did lessons. we were doing moments. then she posed a qn. i got it correct but she said my method was wrong... so i worked it out her way (: haha. went for recess with sarah. ate laksa (: whee! yummy food. did some presentation for eng. slack lah. hcl lao shi gave us ting xie which i basically copied and highlighted in my paper cos i havent started studying yet. hehs. anyway it was for us to keep so yeah. had mep after that. got back prac, harmony and listening. my prac was so lousy! like 30/50? pathetic. shows that my abrsm is screwed! ahh! harmony i got 11.5/15 and listening 20.5/25. oh yeah. the new teacher mr wong... he's got a very funny accent. and he looks abit gay... lol. yeah. the last part of the lesson was fun... oh yeah. thank God there's no rehearsal on monday! haha. planning to go out with trix and nxy then (: how fun! yeah. stayed up till 11.20 studying chinese. gave up at last half of xia cos i was so tired! lousy staying-awake-to-study stamina. haha. yeah

eng we did the same thing again. boring. maths just cleared our brains of what we had studied. hcl was... i wouldnt say hard. i knew the most of the answers but dunno how to write some. yeah. then the zao ju part was practically blank! cos i didnt know the meaning of the words... as usual. still waiting for the shou ce from ian chew. anyway. glad its over (: got back chem paper... 30/40 (: hehs. but wasted 4 marks on careless mistakes... rahh! oh well. got chocs (: haha. mrs ang's so nice! mrs y didnt come again. had free time from 12 - 2. last 2 periods supposed to be hcl again cos of the swop for tmr but lao shi got some thing else on. yeah. did maths hw and the first part of ying yong wen. yeah. finished it alr. cher came over again today. she said she got an mc and came here to use the com.. she was sniffing and coughing. hope i dont get the germs... oh yeah! thank God also cos the argumentative essay deadline is postponed to tues so i have more time to do it. if not i'd be rushing it now. haha. also have zuo wen to do but i shall hand that in on tues. yup.

have o level listening on sat. depending on what time we end, might go out with rahh before heading to yf. havent asked her yet but yeah. ooh! tmr's BU day too (: shant disclose what we are wearing till tmr's over. haha. yeah. but quite gross in the sense that we have pe before that so. yeah. but we get to wear sport shoes to sch (: ms lim allowed our class. haha. sad thing's we have cca still... but its fun (: yeah. that's basically it....


happy birthday bazhang! tho it'll be ages before u see this but nvm, its the thought that counts (:

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