Tuesday, November 30, 2004
injured everywhere

lalala... i officially announce that i get more injury prone when im stressed.. i think. hahas. just yesterday, on my way to church after cca, i found this funny scraped off portion on my hand. and a small but not so obvious one on my leg. plus the 2 bruises. bleah. we finished the nametags (: hahas. left with camp booklet and packing of all the stuff. yup. still have to get some log stuff after cello.

liz's party was great (: tho it was raining and drizzling. me and chrystal were the first to reach her house. heh. played some monkey game with ben and nat. brainless but fun game. hahs. and tsura nearly walked into the swimming pool. so smart. ahaha. the bbq was nice. auntie tina and uncle michael prepared nice food (: hahahs. all of it was finished except the chicken wings i think. yup. got dunked and chrystal got dunked so i keep my five cents! hahas. not mine actually. that silly girl gave me five cents to bet with her that i would get dunked and she wont. but she got dunked anyway. hahaha. nicole and liz and maria got dunked too i think. haha. oh yah! sarah's finally back from korea (: yay! hahahs.

during cca yest joy said that mr chan was not coming and mr goh was not coming so we were to have sectionals till 10.30. then cos most of us were told to come for sectionals at 8 we practiced. and at 9 plus zhao suddenly appeared and all of us were frozen, and like "what is she doing here?!" yeah. haha. and five minutes later mr chan pops his head into our sectionals and said "arent we supposed to have a combined today?" and we were like telling him joy said that he wasnt coming. hahahs. was quite confusing. went through the cca fair pieces. only one "memory". "tonight" we'll play another day.

i have set aside tomorrow as my music day. bleah. it'll be piano and theory throughout if not i'll never be able to find time to do them after camp. and maybe cello cos i might get grace's piece today. yup. that's about it. off to take a bath and watch a show (:

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Sunday, November 28, 2004
eeyer! huge bruise on my leg.

hello. i just took my bath. have to go to church myself today cos daddy went to play golf. and after that im going for liz's bdae party (:

hmm. managed to get at least half of the log stuff yesterday i think. and i think i'll have to try and get the rest this week. maybe tuesday after cello.. went to church to restick the banner cos some bits were falling out. liz came like quite early. hehs. after that we went down for prayer and prep of the thing. and then set up the table for the parent's nametag. yup. during the course of the integration, i found this huge bruise on my leg... huge invisible bruise... and liz made me put ice (actually i also wanted to lah) but yeah she made me keep it on for very long and i kept taking it off cos it was pain.. hahahs. dinner came late and we had to stall for half an hour. but even tho some people left cos they had other things on we still managed to finish the food (: good good good. daddy came late in picking me up but doesnt matter. hmm. pray that the last day of registration for camp(which is today. hehe) will be good. yup.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004
sleep! i need it!

bleah. i woke up so early today lah. at first it was six something. then seven. then i tried to sleep somemore but my stupid body clock wouldnt let me. garrr! and i had such a hard time falling asleep yest. went to bed at 10.30+ and tossed in bed for one whole hour. so irritating. hur!

anw, i kop-ped this from sarah's (koay) blog

two mins later
ok this is me typing not the extract from sarah's blog. just got freaked out by this huge dragonfly in the study room. ran out screaming or rather squealing and my siblings thot it was the guinea pigs. haha. anw, the extract:

"went for strings. mr chan was talking about feathers and teddy bears today :) and in total four strings broke. two cellos one viola and one violin hur. ohwell respigi's much nicer now. plus the conductor's baton almost broke again. cos he went, those in viola two raise up your bows and then raised his own baton and it crashed into the overhead projecter thing."

yupyup. cca was quite funny. but poor vln ones, only 2 of them turned up. oh well. it was good. gtg now.

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Friday, November 26, 2004
new temp!

yay! i feel so accomplished (: hahahs. new template (: i like the picture. its so cute. haha. going for cca and camp meeting later... hope it doesnt rain if not i've got no way to get to school... its gonna be a busy weekend...

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Thursday, November 25, 2004
out on a job

hello im at my sister's office doing job attachment... bleah. its quite tough. even tho its just running errands. been at it since yesterday. mostly doing wrapping of some gifts, photocopying notes for seminars and sorting them out, data-entrying and.... i think that's about it. yeah. currently waiting for my sis to come back so i can go do more stuff... so tired... had diarrhoea this morning. gross. *big sigh* wont be coming tmr tho cos i got cca. yeah. sat will be buying basic log stuff and fixing the banner which is falling apart. hahah. camp's coming... its quite worrying. falala. off to snack now (:

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
im home!

home sweet home (: tho i wouldnt mind staying there a little longer (: hehe

the holiday to western australia was great fun! reached perth airport at 1+ am. was super cold outside. uncle willy brought us to his cousin's house which is supposedly a holiday house that he rents. its big and nice! well furnished. swimming pool in the backyard and golf course behind. had strudel in the house. brekky was at the golf course cafe. then we packed and drove down to fremantle and then to busselton where we booked a villa for the rest of the trip. ate food at every stop. i thot i was going to explode. like every hour or 2 we would reach a town and we would go eat... crazy. slept most of the way cos i was quite tired. dinner was steak and potatoes cooked by uncle willy. yum yum (: it was nice

2nd day we went exploring. drove down bussel highway to margaret river and to augusta. was an interesting ride. at augusta we drove down to the beach and saw 2 stingrays in the shallow water. really cool (: then talked to this local family which went fishing. they were cleaning out the fish.. hahah. yeah. went to the lighthouse at leeuwin cape. on the way back we dropped by margaret river again. went walking around. got simmo's ice cream ((: whoa! its really heavenly ((: hahas. went walking around. i bought a hat. and we went to the supermarket to pick up some stuff. after we went back to busselton me, dad and my bro went swimming at the beach nearby. the water's so cold! but quite shiok too. haha. daddy went to rent a car cos uncle willy had errands to do the next day so we needed another car to travel around. got this really old 2 door 4 seater. its quite small. after that we went to the tourist bureau area cos they were having wine tasting. yeah. had a hotdog and walked around the park with russell while 3 others were tasting wine. wasnt that filling so on the way back we went to buy pizza.. hahahs. rented daddy daycare to watch (:

uncle willy left early in the morning. we took the ikan bilis car to margaret river. thot that the car would be like super slow but it turned out to be red hot chilli padi. hahahs. could really zoom around. yeah. went for wine tasting. the weather was really hot that day. and there was a simmo's ice cream van there too! hahahs. went for it again ((: then me and jie went to queue for food... just standing in the sun for five minutes waiting for grilled squid and satay chicken we got darker... imagine how strong the sun was. after that we popped by 2 wineries, watershed and leeuwin.. the scenery at watershed is so nice (: and at leeuwin its all green and treehousey... hahahs. they had a big field and a forest of trees. went for the burning of the vine cuttings in the evening. was held at leeuwin winery in the middle of the field. was very cold that night. and when they lighted the bonfire it was nice and warm (: hahas. and nearing the end there were fireworks.. pretty pretty fireworks (: got home by nine plus i think. yup. uncle willy was back by then.

next morning he went down to augusta to try and get some abalone but couldnt find any. we bought 2 crab nets and went down to the jetty to try and catch some crabs.. managed to get one but it was too small so we had to throw it back. had simmo's yet again at the beach (: nice and refreshing. that day was really hot! went back to clean up. me, dad and uncle willy went to the beach again. daddy went swimming with uncle willy and i was just playing with water.. heheh. took a nice bath and then went down to woolworth's to get some more stuff for dinner. cooked noodles, canned soup for dinner together with hamburgers. was so full after that. hahas. watched the finals of australian idol but went to sleep before the results were announced. too tired.

woke up at 7. daddy and uncle willy went to the jetty at like 4 in the morning to go crabbing.. so cold! they caught 5 crabs. and we had them for breakfast. hahahs. nice and sweet. and daddy fried bacon and eggs too... yup. then we packed up all our stuff and headed to the airport. drove to fremantle for lunch. had sirloin steak for 11 aus. which is super cheap. hahahs. and it was worth it. was yummy! cooked by a chinese chef. hahahs. drove to the airport and checked in and came home (: the plane we were on had newly installed game handsets which are really cool. hahas. watched catwoman and the terminal. the terminal's so cute lah. hahahs. blur guy. touched down at ard 10 and slept at 12.

overall i think the trip was fun (: didnt mention everything up there tho. got sunburnt. and my face is peeling slightly. dunno why the area around my mouth got affected the most... oh well. got cello later and dad doesnt allow me to go out with pcps bunch. or rather the small group. pooh! and they're watching the incredibles! i wanna watch -pouts. hur!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
one more day!

falala. its around 30 hours more to my holiday (: cant wait!

went for s.o. outing yesterday. was quite pathetic. only 16 people turned up. how saddening. watched taxi with rachael, joy, ber and heather. its a nice show. funny. with the weird/dumb guy. hahas. piano lesson was a horrifying 2 hours cos next week i cant make it. got through it anyway. going to school later with my cello for mep musical prac and cello lesson after that. afraid that it'll rain cos i want to use my cello... bleah. at the most i shall wait at my teacher's hosue for the rain to stop and play with her doggy.. haha.

there's this gross ulcer on my lower lip. it hurts... and its irritating!

Somewhere out there beneath the clear blue sky
Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one anotherin the big somewhere out there

Somewhere out there
If love can see us through
Then we'll be together
Somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true.

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there
If love can see us through
Then we'll be together
Somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true.

ouch! i hate this particular ulcer... gahh. its a gigantic yellow crater on my lip... and its super pain... pfft. thank God for what happened today when i wanted to leave. it started drizzling tho it was quite sunny. and i was reluctant to leave my cello at home... so i was waiting for the drizzle to stop. and while i was waiting, it struck me that if i brought my cello i might have to leave it in school if it rains and thats not a very good idea so i left it at home (: didnt get to play with my teacher's dog this week. how sad... dont think i'll be blogging tmr so yeah. gonna paint banner with shinq and sarah (koay) and some others tmr. fun fun. hope there's no mep practice... lalala. ok... that's about it. seeya guys next tues! or maybe mon night. haha

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Sunday, November 14, 2004
happy hari raya aldifitri

lalala. just came back from swimming. swam like 12 laps i think. yeah. hmm. yf was good. the message really made me think. yeah. all the things that we say, better watch out. went to auntie celeste's house after that. had popiah and steamboat. really nice (: tess brought her dog, troy, over. he's really cute. hahas. but he kept barking at the neighbour opposite cos they own a dog too. haha. was quite terrorised by the cousin. kept walking away to watch my aunties and granny and grand aunt play mahjong so she wouldnt talk to me.. oops.

went for second again today. was really figety during the sermon... and my nose kept running. bleah. sat at the booth after that. was freezing. so cold lah. went for log meeting again. terrible traffic jam tho cos they closed the underpass. and the bus kept jerking... poot. lunched at magic wok. we thot the quality of the food would be about the same. like standard or something. so we ordered green curry and it was sick. as in the sight of it. there was this layer of oil on top.. gross lah. but it was nice (as in the stuff below that layer of oil). the chilli padi in the rice was shiok (: haha. went to the united square cold storage to check out prices of some stuff. and so that the location of united square could be made known to shukun. haha. yeah.

waiting for dinner... im starving. laksa laksa... yum yum yum. haha, that rhymes. whoops. im seriously gonna put on a lot of weight. like laksa for dinner, seoul garden tmr, and the whole perth trip... bleah. charlie's angels at 7.30

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Saturday, November 13, 2004
its the real saturday!

hmms. yesterday was the longest day in entire history i think. well at least for me. went to sch in the morning and since there was no paper i was one of the earliest gundus in sch waiting for time to pass. i did my hw due. haha. yeah. maths was on binomial theorem. im super confused. and on tues it was sets which was quite horrible too. bleah. mrs yeo said that there was going to be a test when sch reopens. talking about her, she appeared in my dreams! hahas. and she was wearing the normal blue long skirt and her pink sleeveless with her hair pinned up. ahaha. so stupid. think she went for some concert.. i dunno lah. lol.

anyway. lessons ended at 10 so we celebrated lala's birthday (:
didnt want to go home cos i was too lazy so i moped ard sch with cyn and jiaxin and mellin(after her training). ate nice nice orange bowl for lunch (: cca started at 3. conducted by mr goh. the slowest 3 hours ever! time passed slowly, mr goh conducted slowly. bleah. but i guess slow practice does good cos then we can check intonation and articulation. yup.

went to church for meeting after packing up. bought tauhuay for dinner cos i was having a tummyache. met joel nah on 28. yeah. was the earliest to reach. then nat and shukun came. then the rest came. was a really empty meeting. quite a lot of people didnt come i think? and some certain person forgot about the meeting. hahas.

woke up this morning still feeling so tired. standing in for a vocalist today. oh yeah! steamboat at auntie celeste's hosue after yf (: yay! get to see my youngest cousins... esther and daniel. they're really cute. esther really looks alot like me when i was young. went out with them once and i was carrying her. then someone thot we were sisters.. ahahs. shall try to get a pic.

alright enough of all this silly rubbish. im going. bye (:

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
happy deepavali (:

today's a public holiday but i keep thinking its saturday. how bandung. haha.

went to ber's house and got a lift from melanie to the church. was quite exciting. then the space we have is really small. i have no idea why they have to cram us there when the whole area is so big. weird. oh well. we overestimated the time so the canon ending was quite screwed. like very abrupt. yucks. feel bad. the hornpipe was ok. tho it was weird having to play standing. haha. our pay got docked like before we played. cut by half... i feel cheated.. whoops. but it doesnt really matter (: haha. yeah. the place wasnt really crowded. and i think the bride was quite happy. she was crying when she was reading the vows... so sweet. haha. took bus back after we finished playing. tummy kept growling. wanna go swimming later but im afraid it might rain. nice shows are on tv tonight. and they all clash.

bug's life on ch 5 at 6.30
happy fish on ch 8 at 7
s'pore idol on ch 5 at 8.30
the champion on ch 8 at 9

i think i'll skip the s'pore idol and happy fish... i love bug's life ((:

list of movies i wanna watch: taxi, polar express, shark tale, spongebob and incredibles (: hahas

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

mozzie bites... irritating things! i have like 4-5 on my legs.. garr..

sat: the open house was ok (: and i rushed for yf, missed worship but at least i made it for the message which was really good... yup. went for the concerto after yf. the cellist is so pro lah. and he's very expressive. maybe abit too showy. haha.

sun: went for second which was in chinese and kinda weird.. yeah. had log meeting after that. was like one of the longest log meetings ever. haha. neway. i got a sunflower for sarah (: and shukun bought body shop stuff. yeah. haha. the bbq was fun (: but had to rush off after the cake cutting. oh well.

mon: went to sch for cca. and we started late cos no one opened the door. yeah. went to ber's house to prac after that. her mum makes really nice claypot rice! so shiok i tell u. haha. yeah. the person ( melanie or smth i think) came to hear us. yup. kinda excited about thurs. haha. fun! piano after that was ok

today: lessons at 8. was so sleepy. and my nose kept running. so irritating. and i think i spent alot of money eating today. haha. like had a hashbrown from macs in the morning, orange bowl and ice tea during recess, tauhuay and orange bowl for lunch. that's like a lot... haha. and while waiting for time to pass i slept in the fam lounge. was so reluctant to get up and go for cello lesson. haha. and i got sprayed by the rain on my way there. got to play with my teacher's toy dog. its so cute ok! its like 3 months old. white, think it was a maltese... its so cute!!! hahah. wanted to take a pic but no time. :( so adorable. shall try to snap a photo next week.. haha. weirdly i thot i played like crap today but she said i improved. im like right... oh well. i get to wake up late tmr.. muahah. going to sch earlier to help with the scores before practice. and im not missing out on sakae cos they're not going. heh.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

im really in need of precious sleep. i try to sleep longer in the mornings but once i get up there's no hope falling asleep again. so irritating! got open house later. thank God that some pri sch's kids are not coming anymore. which means me yien val and sarah dont need to play for them or present them with anything. which means that i should be able to go for yf (: then after that go for a concert... really looking forward to it cos mr chan said it's good. dont want to eat in the same restaurant as we did last week tho. the service was really terrible. yucks.

went for weilin's party after cca yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL (: was so stoned after i came back. lalala.

time of your life; green day

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why.
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time.
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004
bandung please!

hello. im thoroughly convinced msn is pmsing today. i cant sign in at all! garr!

i need a shoulder massage. my poor shoulders are so stiff and aching from cello. they need professional help soon! not even half of my exam piece has been played and i cant carry on anymore cos my shoulder's hurt. rah! been having headache throughout the day. so pain. rained super heavily in the afternoon. like 2 hours of non-stop rain. so cold... and i heard otelli edwards' new trailer. and snippets of 4F'04 's call is in it (: haha. so cool. i need to exercise! tennis or swimming.. fats are accumulating. yucks. hey that rhymes! haha. ok sorry that was really apple tea.

looking forward to my holiday. its coming soon! yay! hmm. doesnt feel like the holidays at all..

i wanna go back to pcps. and sakae as well! oh dear. they're on the same day :S

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
dying hands

my hands are gonna be crippled by the end of next week. i feel tortured. yucks. open house practice tmr and fri, also got cca, open house on sat, practice for lessons which are on tues, ber's friend's friend's wedding on thurs, cca again next fri. WHOA! die alr... lessons today were ok. mrs yeo was really funny. ahaha. silly hello kitty please (: erm. supposed to have the mpe rapc today but it was quite a waste of time. yeah. whoops.

luckily i dont have to wake up early tmr. i need my sleep! im all sticky now. got slightly wet while waiting at the bus stop for daddy to pick me. and i havent had my bath. haha. still wanna go watch my shows. but that can wait. must try to do theory hw as well. really dont have much chance of going for yf this sat alr. ms oh wants soloists in the mep at 3+ to play for some pri sch girls so i got dragged in. bleah. oh well can go back and clean up before the cello concerto (: how exciting!

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Monday, November 01, 2004
muaha its over (:

yay! after a long long wait the horrible chinese o's is finally over (: sadly, lessons still continue as usual.. pfft! oh well, anything beats exams (: haha. got this pukey feeling throughout the day. feels gross... eeyer. piano was ok. finished quite fast this week. heh. missed out on zhen fa... nvm there will be a next time!

once again im screwed for cello lessons but i dont really care. whoops. lala. camp's coming, how fun (: but not so for the comm people. cos we still have much to do. hmmm. i got nothing much to blog actually. haha. ok bye (:

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