Sunday, September 12, 2004
last day of the hols!

it is sunday today (: which means its the last day of the hols. and i havent finished my hw yet. oops (:

woke up at 8plus and kept going back to sleep and waking up every five minutes. in the end i gave up and got out of bed. haha. went for second and ended up sitting under the air con. was like chattering by the end of service. it was so cold! lala. sermon and worship was good today (: hmm. com meeting at p.s. after that. oh yeah and ms chew last minute-ly made me go for group playing so i rushed down after the meeting without my book. borrowed from her in the end. hate playing in front of people... its so weird. and i get super nervous. she made me play beethoven first while she went toilet. and i screwed up. think the best one i played was the sarabande and rondeaux. and for sacro-monte. the first part was ok. only the piu vivo was trashy. haha

adele's so funny. as in ms chew's other student. not church adele. yeah. she was telling ms chew how she went for cello exam and she told the examiner that he played the piano very well. hahas. and she was panicking cos when her friend went for exam she commented on the examiner's shoes and the examiner wrote under the comments 'dont give irrelevant comments'... haha. she's really funny (:

dont want to do discursive graphic organiser. yucks. i shall watch princess diaries 2 to cheer up. yay!

at 6:01 PM, she let go.