Friday, May 28, 2004
prata (:

yays! wenta jalan kayu prata shop today with stelli cyn and lin na (: we had a nice time enjoying nice food... plus otah too! haha... really good. and to think im eating prata again tmr in mersing... lols. after that we went down to town and walked around far east... went up and down and up and down like millions of times.. quite sick of it now. hehes. later we met up with sam neo and went with lin na to pierce her ears (: it was fun (im not evil, or torturous) so now she has earholes she can wear earrings! lols. went over to pacific plaza and walked in the surf shops. then me and sam were trying on hats. then i saw rachel, mel and eileen. since rachel was nearest to me i said hi rachel! then she gave me this really really confused look and just stared... lol! so cute lah her face! then i took off the cap and she stared for a few seconds before realising it was me...hahas.. blur girl. yeah. went back again to far east and we had tea.. lol. ljs and the xxxl chicken that cyn bought. its really nice (: shall try it again someday. haha.
walked down to paragon to look around. and then to heeren this time not to eat but to go shopping. hahas.cyn lin na and sam are sneaky people... but anyway thanks for the present! *big hug* yeah. after that they went to centrepoint and i went home. sounds like a reall boring shopping trip but its actually a wonderful day (: hahas... saw some really nice stuff but as usual im kinda poor.. oh wells. hehs. yup. looking forward to the new house in m'sia (:

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
sakae (:

lalalas... went to sakae after school today with lin na, stelli, alicia, jieying, sam and fel... we had so much fun.. haha. and i think we were the noisiest bunch there...*oops* hehs.. looking forward to the prata outing on fri.. and sarah! im truly sorry! we'll go out during the hols ok? we went to take neos too... yeah. had a really great time. was so full that i couldnt eat dinner. but no surprise since we ate so much... all the way until 5.45pm... hahas. mep practical was ok lah tho i did screw up... ahas... contradicting. got the mep concert scores. stand partner is my dearest section leader charlotte! and some parts seem really difficult. bleahs. still trying to do something about di's bday present. darn broke so im making her something....yup. busy busy busy...can wait to go to apo's new house (:

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Sunday, May 23, 2004
eating nice cold tau huay

mmmm..... yummy yummy shiok shiok.. hahas.. this reminds me... "monday tau huay people"! are we tau huaying tmr? hahas. that sounds really retarded but heck. the past week's been kinda like okok. chem was darn hard but thank God i managed to pass it. mep i'll only get next term i think. got back my oral and listening results too. i actually passed oral! whee! wang jian was really lenient.. which is good.. hehs... oh no! mep practical is in 3 days time... drats. this week's gonna be stressful? got that debate thing, lit article and the religion project. eee... had chicken rice for lunch today. quite nice.. esp since there was achar! yay! watched huanzhugege too. its nice (:

di's birthday's on friday. dunno what in the world to get for her. i need to go shopping for presents. oh yeah yesterday i went for the dvorak's cello concerto. it was good! but think steven isserlis is better than wang jian (the cellist not the teacher!) yeah... sat in the 3rd row from the front. at the right side. right under the noses of my cello teacher and s.o. conductor... eeks. cant wait for church camp (: and the mep camp and the mep concert rehearsals... sounds fun but my entire holiday is packed to the brim... boo :( been a little grouchy of late. also dunno why. lack of sleep? maybe. having like red eyes on some nights too... pfft`

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Saturday, May 22, 2004
moved (:

heya all.

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