Tuesday, December 21, 2004
oh my hand

i think my fingers are going to be crippled soon. as in those on my left hand. bleah. practiced cello for so long. scales are difficult, spent like 50 mins trying to get it right. horrible. cant wait for the lesson to be over. heh. im finally listening to my disney cd ((: havent grown up yet. falalala. its nice.

nearly died laughing again yesterday. hahas the musical. saw brownshirt dancing! hahahs. was really funny. glad im not playing on thurs. if not i'll probably like go crazy or something. hahah.
i got a funny throat now. like half sore? if there's such a thing. heh. leaving for m'sia in 2 days. initial plan was the koka was going with us but seems that he isnt now. oh well.

tomorrow's going to be exciting (: im a counsellor for orientation. which means im not playing for cca fair ( i guess so right? if not i cant bring them ard on cca fair day) which means yay! hahas. zixin can sit in my place cos jie ying's in the walking quartet so yeah. falala. i think i can go for dinner toms too. better check with daddy again tonight just in case.

yesterday pub was doing some clearing of sewages? i dunno what they were doing lah but we had murky water for like 3 hours or so? gross lah. then i wanted to take a bath cos after i came back from sch i was sticky and all but i couldnt cos the water was dirty. bleah. they should put up notices or smth. gotta run now.

at 2:02 PM, she let go.