Sunday, December 12, 2004

today's weather was so nice for sleeping (: hahahs. went for 2nd. then there was the baptism serivce. and joel yong did the weird taco bell thing on stage... haha. like right... had lunch at the hawker centre near ahma's house. ate nice porridge. and cos i took medicine before church (thanks to the constant sneezing and sniffing) i got all stoned during sermon. and slept on the way home and jumped into bed when we reached home. bleah.

its time to be happy! sakae is tomorrow ((: yay! cant wait. going shopping too. gonna get a pullover. and maybe a new pair of sandals to replace my old stinky ones. sleeping beauty on wed night! girls night out with sarah. hahas. fun fun. i think i'll die laughing. 2 nights of consecutive hilarious events. hahahs.

at 6:36 PM, she let go.