Sunday, December 19, 2004

its sunday again! so fast. like school's starting in 2 more weeks. oh no... bleah. all the uncompleted hw and the missing ws. hehe

hmm. yesterday was the christmas outreach. went earlier at like 2 to help sarah with some stuff and also wrap some presents. yup. nice brownies. haha. even my dad said that its nice. lent my tee to liz last minute and ended up wearing my pullover for the whole day. but at least the weather wasnt that hot. bought chicken rice for dinner. saw quite a lot of new people (: that's good. was quite fun. esp the drama. so crappy can. hahaha. the games were quite alright too. but my cg was super small. only ard 7 of us without liz and sarah.

hmm. busy week next week? i think. study group on mon and wed. tues they're going to xin's hosue but i got cello so im still pondering whether i should go. and wed i'll leave in the afternoon i think. meeting the pcps people for dinner (:

went to gramaphone yesterday. they were having a sale. i bought like 4 cds. haha. two of which are nice classical cds. one's the planets and pomp and circumstance and the other is mussorgsky's pictures at an exhibition. yay yay! hahahs.

at 9:23 AM, she let go.