Saturday, November 27, 2004
sleep! i need it!

bleah. i woke up so early today lah. at first it was six something. then seven. then i tried to sleep somemore but my stupid body clock wouldnt let me. garrr! and i had such a hard time falling asleep yest. went to bed at 10.30+ and tossed in bed for one whole hour. so irritating. hur!

anw, i kop-ped this from sarah's (koay) blog

two mins later
ok this is me typing not the extract from sarah's blog. just got freaked out by this huge dragonfly in the study room. ran out screaming or rather squealing and my siblings thot it was the guinea pigs. haha. anw, the extract:

"went for strings. mr chan was talking about feathers and teddy bears today :) and in total four strings broke. two cellos one viola and one violin hur. ohwell respigi's much nicer now. plus the conductor's baton almost broke again. cos he went, those in viola two raise up your bows and then raised his own baton and it crashed into the overhead projecter thing."

yupyup. cca was quite funny. but poor vln ones, only 2 of them turned up. oh well. it was good. gtg now.

at 7:51 AM, she let go.