Thursday, December 09, 2004

lalalas. its the 3rd day without a maid. bleah. tess came over yesterday to help out with some chores. she cleans well (: hahahs. did some ironing this morning. gonna cook lunch later. i pity my brother. he has to eat my horrible cooking for lunch almost everyday of this month. haha. daddy bought 2 mini woks so we can use them cos we dont cook much mah. hmms. no more piano lessons till next year. yeah (:

quite irritating last night. couldnt sleep and woke up so early this morning. bleah. got camp comm debrief later too. dinner last night was really yummy (: courtesy of koka and jie. hahahs. had chicken fillet, cheese macaroni, salad, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. yup.

and thus i conclude that im not much of a cooking person. that was the weirdest lunch. bleah. hahahs. it was ok lah. edible but not exactly tasty. oh well. went down to church early to pack log stuff. then went for dinner at the chicken rice shop with amy tan, chrys, sherwyn and tsura. happily got treated ice cream too (: yay! then we were all at the bus stop trying to eat our ice cream and then we saw edmund sitting on one of the buses waving. hahahs. so retarded lah. yeah. the debrief was good. quite fun. heh. got sch tmr at 11. eeyer. gotta bring cello too. eeyer.

im a lazy pig

at 11:23 AM, she let go.