Wednesday, December 01, 2004
so called music day

yes the so called music day has so far been nothing much except tv, lunch and cello. bleah. half a day gone. i should get started on my theory soon or i'll die. can practice tmr morning before lunch. after the cello prac today my left hand fingers turned quite black. as in the tips cos of the fingerboard and all the shifting. tried the new piece she set me. yes another new one. its quite nice. but i hate the bowing. all the long tiring and controlled bows. eeks.

my goodness yesterday was quite embarassing can. in ntuc with a trolley full of 10 tins of biscuits, one tin of milo, 7 scoops, 5 hoses, trash bags. in school uniform somemore. getting all the weird stares. as if saturday wasnt enough. campers u'd better be grateful... hahas...terrible i tell u.

at 1:04 PM, she let go.