Thursday, December 16, 2004

haha. havent updated for a long time. partially cos blogger was weird and didnt let me update when i wanted to on tues. oh wells.

sakae was great! tho didnt seem to have a lot of food that i was looking for but hey, we got high (: me and mari were super crazy when the waiter found linna's tofu skin hidden under a plate cos she didnt want to eat it. hahaha. was so funny. and the waiter was probably giving us the look. hahah. after we were so full most of us skipped dinner. bleahs. cello was alright. im getting the 3rd piece next week. my cello teacher is frustrated with me but she laughs at me... that's weird behaviour. cos she keep asking me to be more expressive but i cant exactly do that lah. then she asks me to bring a cane next week. hahah.

went to macs opp sch for study group. which had the smallest attendance ever. of 3. me linna and lala. then there was this weird caucasian sitting beside our table. i think he looks like an old mr bean just that he is bigger built. he kept looking at us and he overheard me and linna say that the tv thing was distracting and he told the macs people to lower the volume. nice but weird. just like my cello teacher. haha. finished my chem. tho some blanks here and there. still got loads of maths and reading of books to do. garr. and the eng and chi hw which i cant find. hehe. went to sarah's house for dinner before the ballet. had shepard's pie and miso soup. was yummy (: the ballet of sleeping beauty was nice. but it was so long! like the longest concert/performance i've ever been to. started at 8, ended at 1045?! so late lah. then me and sarah were starting to feel sleepy... haha. cos both of us are sick. bleah. i've got blocked nose, fever and sore throat. horrible. think i got it from daddy cos he's still sick.

he picked us up after that and i was half asleep on the way home. came back, took medicine, changed and jumped into bed straight away. slept quite well cos i didnt have to wait long before falling asleep (: yay! that was at 1145? yeah. woke up at 930 this morning. nice nice. well, gtg do my stuff now. seeya!

at 10:19 AM, she let go.