Friday, December 10, 2004
my finger.

mep musical is a waste of time. went to sch and only practiced for 45 minutes? crazy. then slack till cca starts at 3. got a mini blister on my finger from pizz-ing too much. pain. had home made noodles from this shop along geylang area. so shiok, esp on a cold windy night :D so nice! hahas. ate till i was so bloated.

oh yeah! i finally went to grammercy (: its a string player's heaven i tell you! all the instruments lying there, all the bows, strings, scores! so cool! and to think i've been going past it everytime i go swimming and i never realised till recently. how slow. haha. i got my stopper. yay! hahas. im going there again! i dont care... somehow XP

i need sleep. i think. keep on getting headaches. so irritating. sakae day is coming (: muaha. i wanna go shopping. lalala. oh oh oh! i cheeked lala today! after such a long time. and being jealous cos linna gets to cheek all cheeks except jiaxin cos she's got chicken pox. poor penguin. get well soon please?

at 9:18 PM, she let go.