Sunday, November 28, 2004
eeyer! huge bruise on my leg.

hello. i just took my bath. have to go to church myself today cos daddy went to play golf. and after that im going for liz's bdae party (:

hmm. managed to get at least half of the log stuff yesterday i think. and i think i'll have to try and get the rest this week. maybe tuesday after cello.. went to church to restick the banner cos some bits were falling out. liz came like quite early. hehs. after that we went down for prayer and prep of the thing. and then set up the table for the parent's nametag. yup. during the course of the integration, i found this huge bruise on my leg... huge invisible bruise... and liz made me put ice (actually i also wanted to lah) but yeah she made me keep it on for very long and i kept taking it off cos it was pain.. hahahs. dinner came late and we had to stall for half an hour. but even tho some people left cos they had other things on we still managed to finish the food (: good good good. daddy came late in picking me up but doesnt matter. hmm. pray that the last day of registration for camp(which is today. hehe) will be good. yup.

at 7:40 AM, she let go.