Tuesday, November 30, 2004
injured everywhere

lalala... i officially announce that i get more injury prone when im stressed.. i think. hahas. just yesterday, on my way to church after cca, i found this funny scraped off portion on my hand. and a small but not so obvious one on my leg. plus the 2 bruises. bleah. we finished the nametags (: hahas. left with camp booklet and packing of all the stuff. yup. still have to get some log stuff after cello.

liz's party was great (: tho it was raining and drizzling. me and chrystal were the first to reach her house. heh. played some monkey game with ben and nat. brainless but fun game. hahs. and tsura nearly walked into the swimming pool. so smart. ahaha. the bbq was nice. auntie tina and uncle michael prepared nice food (: hahahs. all of it was finished except the chicken wings i think. yup. got dunked and chrystal got dunked so i keep my five cents! hahas. not mine actually. that silly girl gave me five cents to bet with her that i would get dunked and she wont. but she got dunked anyway. hahaha. nicole and liz and maria got dunked too i think. haha. oh yah! sarah's finally back from korea (: yay! hahahs.

during cca yest joy said that mr chan was not coming and mr goh was not coming so we were to have sectionals till 10.30. then cos most of us were told to come for sectionals at 8 we practiced. and at 9 plus zhao suddenly appeared and all of us were frozen, and like "what is she doing here?!" yeah. haha. and five minutes later mr chan pops his head into our sectionals and said "arent we supposed to have a combined today?" and we were like telling him joy said that he wasnt coming. hahahs. was quite confusing. went through the cca fair pieces. only one "memory". "tonight" we'll play another day.

i have set aside tomorrow as my music day. bleah. it'll be piano and theory throughout if not i'll never be able to find time to do them after camp. and maybe cello cos i might get grace's piece today. yup. that's about it. off to take a bath and watch a show (:

at 10:01 AM, she let go.