Monday, September 20, 2004
temporarily closed!

first day of the 11 days to the first paper. freaky. yesterday i told my dad to remind me to practice my cello at night. and after napping and dinner i totally forgot. I FORGOT TO PRACTICE! and i only remembered at 10 when it was too late. so i just left it till today. wanted to prac during recess but the mep room was locked! so i had to wait somemore. was quite a slack day today. went down during ipw period. managed to practice. lunched with sarah before continuing. my little left finger went dead by the time it was my turn. and i think i screwed up. got occ. and think she and mr wong were quite critical. some people were put off by their remarks. freaky. luckily she didnt know my grade cos i didnt tell her when she asked cos i didnt know if not i think i'll end up hating her. i think. haha.

studied with 3p after that. did chi. ate orange bowl with jiaxin and linna cos piggy me was feeling hungry. oops. haha. was walking out of sch like near the book shop with my bag and my shouce in hand. then i was like skipping/hopping and wondering how come i got so little things to carry. then i sudeenly remembered i got my cello! hahas. ran all the way back to get it and all of them were laughing at me. XP oh well i cant help it (: got phy tys from popular. i need help with my total internal reflection and critical angle! can someone help mee, pretty pretty please?!

i have decided to close this bloggy till end of eoys. or at least try not to update that often. I SHOULD BE STUDYING! oops. gonna help out with mooncakes this week. whee (: alrighty. -on hiatus!

at 6:45 PM, she let go.