Monday, August 16, 2004
yay! mep test cut down (:

thank God! the mep test has been cut down! yay! wont be able to cram so much if it had not been (: hahas. but still i've gotta study hard. today was a tiring day. or at least i felt tired today. haha. and we celebrated hanny's bdae in class. nearly got killed by mrs cheong. we were lighting the candles, fan lights off and windows closed. then me geri trish lighting candles and suddenly the window opened and mrs cheong got a shock! and we got a shock and she kept on inquiring. so anti climax. grrs. then she made us got to the canteen to do it. but it was funny. jiaxin bought magic relightable candles. which had sparks coming out of them. ahahs. fun!


tmr got morning jog i might run extra. hahas. cello lesson at 3.30 cos ms zhao got rehearsal. yup

at 9:17 PM, she let go.