Friday, August 13, 2004
desperate for sleep!

-heaves a sigh of relief! the week is finally over! yay! hahas. was so tired today. couldnt find marilyn when i came to school so i was wonder woman for 5 minutes. haha. carried the boxes and my cello from the forum to classroom. physics was quite ok. me geri and trish not very obvious lah. big amaths tbk on the table with mrs low sitting right behind us. -grins! but she was nice. or at least maybe she didnt want to scold. wait. that still means she was nice. ok haha. went for the hep b third dose. the delivery man didnt come on time so we were studying amaths in the drama studio while waiting. managed to get jabbed by the time it was maths lesson. it hurt. the test was gross. so hard! but i couldnt be bothered to rush through. just took my own sweet time and did what i could. mtg during recess. got linna to get smth for me. turned out me stelli and her got no life. eat bread. haha. cos cyn went to do cldds stuff and marilyn went with charlotte cow so yeah. chinese lesson i was doing amaths hw cos i didnt want to bring back tbk. alr had so many things to carry. finished by the end of hist. was curling ribbons for cyn. haha. quite fun.

after school went to econs with claire val and joli to get soft drinks for farewell. bought macs ice cream too ((((((((: haha. rushed back and ate orange bowl. went str to cca. was quite messy at first but alright in the end. cca was till 4.30. and there were these funny flies in the mep room. vln 1 terminators killed them all. all 14 of them. one came from the light above my stand. stupid insect just smacked itself onto my score. haha. farewell wasnt that emotional like some other ccas but it was good... quite sad tho. i'll miss the sec 4s. walked with zixin to take 265. waited like 20 mintues for the bus? was so tired. then waited for 70 for another 20 mintues. grrr. nearly slept at the bus stop. came back slowly. so many things to do, so little time. got cca again tmr morning. really wanna pon but technically i cant. pfft.

reading a nice book at the moment: ten thousand lovers

at 7:45 PM, she let go.