Thursday, August 05, 2004

turned out i didnt practice my cello. watched soccer instead. haha. yeah. stayed up till 11 memorising chengyu.

yesterday. the killer day. mrs ang never come so we copied more stuff. mrs low was very funny during physics. haha. ripped from jiaxin's bloggie:
-if only, only if, if only if, if & only if!
-amanda give you, give me, give US the answer!
-do you see smoke coming out of my nose?
-how about the other school of thought?
yup. all those came from her. hahas. she's so cute ((: ok. then the back of the class. me, geri, trish, xinn, hanny, and lou were singing national day songs can? haha. mrs low was staring at us. lol. she let us off 10 mintues earlier for recess! so we sorta had class recess. what's more it was fried food day. haha. ok. then went to take pmb photo. quite fast. went to mep room to photocopy the namelist for joy. told mr wong that i lost the score and he was like. oh nvm. dont need to practice one! whatever. then after that was eng. supposed to do review but ms fazi let us practice the racial harmony skit. went to try on my skirt thingy to see if i could fit. but as expected i couldnt. cos the thing is with me since p5? im sure i can fit. like real. lent it to jeanette ((: borrowed one of eileen's blue pyjama thingys. haha. ok. then when we were rehearsing again near the end of the period, zhanglaoshi suddenly opened the door and she got a shock cos everyone was sitting in front. haha. yeah. chinese test was surprisingly easy. maybe cos our class got hints about the zao ju. but still it was easy. yeah. slept for the last 15 mintues. really slept lah. so shiok. haha. took class photo with linna, marilyn, caroline, cynthia and stelli! yup. sam's a good photographer. and she's funny. haha. i always end up laughing nonstop whenever i am with her. and if linna's there too. haha. we'll just laugh at each other for laughing at other people. lols. ok. yeah. during lunch was so funny. linna picks up her phone. explains to person1 that she's not going to buy presents. then she tells the person to wait. looks at the phone and says. ok swop. presses button and talks to person2 who asks her the same thing as person1. then she hangs up and changes back to person1. yup. then she was so panicky. just laughing at a dabao who looks confused and flushed. ok. nvm. probably doesnt make sense to u people. but me and sam were laughing at linna and at ourselves laughing at her. haha. ok. forget it. went for mep and crapped out rubbish for the composition performances. yup. mr wong teach damn fast lah. now we have another composition assignment. compose a pop song. very can lah. he ended at like 4? we had practically half an hour break? so went to the canteen. came back for mr cher's lesson. a bit draggy but ok lah. tried to do chem when i came back but failed miserably. so hard. or at least im lost and dunno how to do? haha. slept at nine plus cos i was darn tired.

today. did the skit. then went round the sec one level looking around with marilyn, cynthia, stelli and caroline. linna was at band so couldnt join us. did henna! haha. mary's pro-ded. she can draw the designs really well ((: haha. went to 2faith. my fav sec 2 class! cos most of my juniors are in there. haha. got some food. some funny pancake thing with curry. nice ((: ate at the specs stand watching the sec 4's play tug of war. haha. quite funny. like on class(one side) has valencia and pathathai all those very strong people then the other side is 3 charity with da shuwei helping them. dashuwei's strong k. but their team still lost. aww. but it was fun watching. haha. went to the canteen to eat proper food after changing out. rushed down to mep room to take s.o. comm photo. then went back to class for lessons. mrs ang didnt come again so we had 1 free period. whole class was singing national day songs... haha. so enthu all of a sudden. but we got scolded by 2 to 3 classes cos we were too loud... oops! then during lit mrs yoohenthran let us watch the rest of twelfth night ((: its quite funny. haha. had a good laugh. and the ending was so sweet! we had to keep on replaying it cos the windows media player didnt want to let us watch the nice nice ending without having to send error reports in between... pfft! after we returned to class, xinn and lulu went to get jiantong's b'dae cake! when jt walked into the class we all sang a birthday song for her.. and her SHE superstar thingy... hahas. think she was quite shocked too... yup. ms fazi let us slack again. ling did more henna for me with the guide's leftover stuff. nice nice. met claire after school. ate lunchie. then went out to go shopping! haha. bought **** ******** ********. yup. so tiring. and heavy. but it was fun (: spent a bomb. esp claire. scary. got a lift home from daddy. and so im sitting here blogging. probably going out tmr after school and that meeting. yup. and zhen fa huo hai xian ((: haha. gtg do ss essay now.

*oh yeah forgot to add something. i saw my big retarded ant again! haha. its so cute ((((:

at 7:20 PM, she let go.