Saturday, August 07, 2004
it was friday!!!

halfday in school. woke up with a sore throat. think cos it was the vege chips thingy that dady offered us last night. went by bus cos daddy got conference at the office. yup. think it was quite a waste of time. we should have been celebrating but cos we had celebrations on thurs we were studying! physics was quite ok. we thought the new teacher was going to teach but he didnt. mrs low started on work. as in work done.. yeah. then p.e. we played softball. it was quite fun except for the fact that i kept on sniffing and got really lethargic. maths was the last period. and mrs yeo gave hw! how sad but its quite expected. haha

went for the prefects meeting. and ms low and mrs kuek couldnt come cos they had another meeting. so we just rehearsed. yup. went home after that to eat lunch and take a bath and dump my stuff. yup. was still sniffing before i left so i took piriton. but it was lousy cos i was still sniffing throughout the whole day. met marilyn, cynthia, linna, samneo and caroline at orchard. they were late so i went to popular to look for fabric paint but couldnt find. yeah. when everyone finally came we went to far east cos linna and cyn wanted to get hairbands. and then i realised that i was going to freeze in the theatre tho the weather was so hot cos i was wearing sleeveless and shorts. how nice. so we looked around for a pullover. went opp to pac plaza to look but couldnt find.

we fit people walked all the way to dhoby ghaut plaza sing. haha. was quite fun. reached there with enough time to get ljs fries for linna, walk around carrfour for dunno what, and get drinks and popcorn. yup we watched ella enchanted. the storyline was quite different from the book. but it was still a nice movie. some parts were really funny. it was sweet. haha. i borrowed linna's pullover but was still freezing. haha. mrs yoohenthran said that our class was suckers for love stories and stuff like that cos of what happened on thursday. haha. but isn't it quite natural? oh wells. haha. met stelli to pass her her hairband. saw her new haircut. looks abit jap and weird but i dunno. we'll get used to it.

after that we rushed into our train and waved bye to sam as it went off. she had something on so couldnt join us for zhen fa huo hai xian. from the marina south mrt station to the bus stop there's this walkway. and we were getting approached by these people who offered bbq services at their shop for 5 - 10 bucks? yeah. but it was quite scary cos there were so many of them and they even had a mini van to take people to their shop. freaky cos u wouldnt exactly trust them right? yeah. but still there was this group of ladies who actually went! eeks. when 400 came, there was a big rush for the bus. but we managed to get in. packed.

at zhen fa we took cooked food, raw food and whatever. just ate. ahaha. and now we're all skilled meat fryers. we can fry meat! whee. lols. ate till about 8.50pm? yeah. then when we were waiting for the bus we were talking about the funny things some teachers do. and the popcorn throwing scenarios. haha. damn funny. then cos we were all so full couldnt laugh properly. was really retarded. haha. yeah. we all smelt like bbq after that. like duh. haha. took mrt. and cynthia was telling scary stories. but she and marilyn got off at dhoby ghaut so wasnt that bad. hahas. went home. and sneezed a whole load. and my throat was still sore. so i concluded i was sick. haha. and im still sick now. with a sore throat, blocked nose, fever? yeah. irritating. but it's quite sudden. dunno if im going for the cg gathering on sunday. see how.

at 8:30 AM, she let go.