Saturday, August 14, 2004
God is good (:

yay! God rox my world (: He's the greatest and the bestest daddy! hahas. i'm well already! just a teeny weeny insy bit sick. had a good night's rest yesterday tho i was still reluctant to get out of bed for cca this morning. thank God for a nice rich (i think) sister. haha. oops. ok. cos i walked out with her and i tompang-ed a lift in the cab she hailed. so i got to school nice and not exhausted from walking. and had lotsa time to sit in the canteen and stone while eating a biscuit and drinking the yummilicious ice tea (:

was staring into space when i saw mr wong walking past the pillar beside me. thot he wouldnt see me so i just looked around. haha. then suddenly he turned around and saw me and he grinned. like really really wide? its scary. and i just sorta waved cos i didnt know what else to do! eeks. ok. cca was really tranquil. i like it. haha. tho we have to wake up early. but it was a productive 2 hours spent. then after cca tessa went to put back the conductor's stuff. and found mr wong sleeping in the office. how nice. haha. was really funny tho i didnt get to see. cos we all saw him in the morning and then the lights went off so we were wondering why he came to school for since he left. haha.

was about to leave when mr wong played blackadder in the mep room. so me, tessa, jie ying, jia fang, heather, huei li and joy stayed back to watch. some others joined later. it was nice. and funny. hehs. heard mr wong bought it when he went to london to study. had lunch in sch with joy. talked about extra practice. haha. then we went back down to help a bit with the mep auditions. yeah. left around slightly later than one. took a bus and saw eileen and mellin. eating ice cream. haha. dropped at the mrt with mel. went to popular at tp to get ss textbook. saw joy as in amy teo's sister at the 28 waiting area. but we didnt exchange greetings cos i dont think she knows me. yeah. so i sat with my cello near the exit of the bus and she was behind somewhere on the right side. then when i was about the alight saw her sleeping and i didnt wake her up! felt so guilty after that. then i told amy when i saw her. but in the end i didnt see joy at yf so maybe she was going somewhere else? i hope! oops. ok. haha.

think the msg today was so-so. cos its quite basic. about time management. yup. cg was quite fun. not that quiet. nearly fell asleep tho. was lying on the floor. hehs. but i was paying attention! ok. not doing ushering cos now they want us to do first and there's no point in me going for first and then having to wait till the end of second for meeting. going for the chinese opera thing after that. it'd better be good.

God bless you ((((:

at 7:51 PM, she let go.