Sunday, August 08, 2004
sniff sniff sniff

took a nap before lunch, taking a bath and then yf. dave practically repeated the whole message again! but i guess that was the point. haha ok. he added in some extra stuffs. ate porridge for lunch and dinner cos i had a scratchy throat. eeks. ok. slept at like 8 plus. early but i needed the rest.

and doesnt seemed like it worked cos im still quite sick. fever keeps coming back on off. went to church anyway. think the message was cool. quite intellectual. cos its like you have to really think out of the box to see how the speaker's linking what is happening to what is written in revelations. yup. waited for 2nd service worship to be over and we all went down to tim pang's mum's old condo for cg gathering. ordered pizza and toasted finger food. they bought chips and drinks too. watched school of rock again. its funny ((: then we played guesstures. some kind of timed charades game. quite fun. yup. left at about 4.15 and walked to hougang mall with nat, chrys, and sarah. they went to wait for nat's mum to get a lift and i went to find daddy who was somewhere getting a haircut. dropped by the library too. chem remedial's on tues aft. when i'll be ****** *******. how nice. think im gonna flunk this test. grr. think my voice is going to go soon.

at 5:39 PM, she let go.