Tuesday, August 03, 2004

church was okay on sunday. went out for a b'dae lunch for russ. but since we were early we went to check out the phone. yup. its nice. haha. ok. then lunch was at this place called lawry's at paragon. mostly ribs and stuff. quite nice ambience and service. food was quite alright. yup. after we went home i fiddled with my phone then went to take a nap. studied before and after dinner. hanyou told me that she had lesson on monday so i had to go.

yup. then monday the test was weird. cos everyone focused on the events but no one really took note of the dates and in the end, one of the questions asked about the period of time btw 19** and 1933 and everyone was like what? haha. yup. went home and practiced piano. aafter piano lesson, went down to the carpark and got a huge shock. the back windscreen of the car had cracked under some crappy pressure and was quite shattered but still quite intact except for some holes here and there. yup. scary. then we went to hanyou's teacher's house. when i got out i accidentally closed the door a tad too hard the thing came crashing down *oops! yeah. so he went to get more tape to fix it while waiting. yeah. sorta screwed up my own night. and hanyou's. cos i got scolded for not knowing my part well enough by her teacher. yup and what's more her exam's next week. feel really guilty after that. so we went home and stayed up till 11 helping daddy to tape the back part in case of rain the next morning. we did a good job ((: haha. vacuumed the insides too.

today. was an okay day. haha. yeah. was quite tired tho. always seem to have dry pain eyes when i dont get enough sleep. its irritating. keep on borrowing eyedrops from linna. didnt really do much. stayed back in school to study chinese with lulu chew. finished my maths hw too so i can focus on other stuff. yup. still left with quite a bit of cramming to do. oh yeah! thank God that anqing agreed to be hanyou's pianist! tho its kinda last minute and still do feel guilty on backing out quite last minute but it'll be even worse if i can't get it right by the exam and just screw everything up for her. yup. have to go practice cello for the 12 note thingy tmr. dont feel like playing. pfft.

at 7:05 PM, she let go.