Thursday, August 12, 2004

hellos. lets do a quick update before i get too busy later. had lessons with the new physics teacher. he has a lot of things in common with imran! scary! hahas. chem test was quite alr. think i'll at least pass. got back chinese paper. got 90.5! was quite happy will pull up my lousy marks. hahas. mep was quite alright. starting with mr wong ending with mr cher. mr cher's lesson was boring. did chords again and he went quite slowly. pfft! after dinner went down to taka to book studio. all the days in front were taken! managed to get one before teacher's day and one before actual exam. -freaks out! its coming!! went shopping for a while. saw a nice pullover but the quality was lousy and not worth the price. so went to buy breakfast stuffs. watched s'pore idol and did **** *** **** and graphic organiser till 11.

today. finished my review. just need to edit some parts later and get someone to print for me. was so tired. wanted to sleep during lit but mrs y kept asking us to sit up. grr. heritage trail was rather fun. got high. pure bananas are good ((: shared a huge ice kachang in less than 4 mintues. crazy lah. went to amk, tp and jln leban. our grp was the second last in class. hahas. now im stoned. gonna do **** ******* later, last bit of review and study for amaths test tmr. test not a bit after p.e lah. very can think. im sure..

at 7:02 PM, she let go.