Sunday, August 15, 2004
pfft. i got a headache.

its sunday! haha. ok. out of point. nvm. slept till 8.20 or so. daddy bought wanton mee for breakfast. was quite nice. went for second today. was paying attention to the speaker but was really thinking. does that make sense? haha. was still feeling tired.

hmm. had the log meeting after that tho it took us quite awhile to get out of church cos everyone was running everywhere. or mainly the guys. yeah. took some photos with sarah chia cos she's leaving on thursday. yup. hmm. me shukun and edmund met justin at city hall mrt. justin went for first so he went out with the yfers to ps and he was playing x box. yup. had some thai food for lunch. it was quite nice. discussed some basic log stuff. yeah. lasted till about 2.30 -2.40. then went off to clarke quay to meet sarah for the chinese opera 'workshop'. climbed the silly 90 steps from the mrt to the ground floor. was so tired after that. haha

saw bernice, grace, mandy, hueili, tessa and some sec 4s. it was quite an interesting event. we thot it would be quite crowded but it was in fact really empty. think people should go for these things. its quite educational. we had a mask changing demo, face painting demo, 2 acting demos and a tour of the backstage, makeup room and the history of it. it was much better than going to an actual performance. well thats what i think cos its less boring when u get to interact with the masters and its not draggy or something you dont understand. yup. too bad today is the last day. it was good (: but since the school sponsored like 12 out of the 15 bucks, mrs cheong wants us to create a poster each. pfft. i'd rather pay back the 12 bucks and dont do it. irritating. sheesh.

talked to sarah abit walking along the singapore river. then went back. got a bit of a headache but just ignored it. i think i need more sleep. what i wont be getting much of next week. : oh well.

at 7:14 PM, she let go.