Tuesday, August 10, 2004
national day break

was quite tired. wanted to skip piano but i was a good girl and i went ((: haha. and ms chew said i improved! tho i actually didnt practice much. got my exam date. 15th sept. on wed. i shall see if i can skip mep.. hehe. ms chew was preparing to go watch ndp. so kan chiong. put sun block, hat, preparing all those stuff. haha. so cute. cos she never went to a parade before. lols.

went home and fell asleep on the living room floor. so nice. like to sleep there. haha. slept for 2 hours before chiong-ing to take a bath and getting squished in the backseat of the car with 3 other people unable to put on my other sock and shoe. how pathetic. went to maxwell market for dinner. had popiah and a drink. then we went to watch the parade on some big screen tv in a high rise aircon building. near neptune hotel. and the fireworks could be seen. so nice!! got back in time to watch singapore idol. it was so funny. esp the lemon tree guy, and the guy who sang so softly. crazy! hahas. then watched becker on star world and thunderpants! its a cute show. haha. farts can save the world! ((: ok. enough. slept at 11.45 cos i tossed in bed for 45 mintues? best lah.

woke up at six plus. dunno why. natural reaction. hahas. yeah. then after i got out at like 7 my bro woke up and said that he needed to go to sch. he checked with his friend who said yes. and he cabbed down and turned out there was no school. but i thot it was like duh no school today? oh wells. i went to school for chem. cos mrs ang didnt come for the whole of last week so our class is quite lost. but it was ok lah. managed to understand most of what she went through but im still blur some parts? esp mole! i hate it. grr..

went to joy's house after that. sarah koay and shinq were alr there. yeah. it was fun. na came later. it was weird but great overall! hahas. got a lift back from her dad. yup. giving linna chem tuition tho im not so sure bout some things myself. its gonna be a busy week!

at 6:40 PM, she let go.