Thursday, August 19, 2004
screwed bgrd

changed my blogskin cos the other one was screwed. yup. i sort of improvised with a older skin cos the pic couldnt be seen either so i changed it (: ok. jiaxin didnt come to sch today. she was sick. and it was so quiet! so sad. no psychoticness for a day makes everyone dull. assembly was funny. people danced a traditional punjabi dance. certain teachers too. and stray comments from the people in the av room. hahas. stayed back in sch to study maths with debbie lee. got bored after a while cos there was nothing much to study after that. and debbie was trying to entertain people with her tongue. and her pocky sticks. haha. will do some tys later.

p.e. tmr. softball! haha. i might go run. still feel unfit. and maths is after p.e. once again. how nice. but i think im more confident? yup. suddenly feel so pumped up for cca. when i can play my cello (: haha. oops. and on saturday too. see if i can get a taxi ride from jie then. hees. too lazy to walk.

at 7:46 PM, she let go.