Wednesday, August 18, 2004

i'm stressed! (or so i think) haha. i was at least.

yesterday: i got back my chem paper. 27.5/40! im happy but pissed. 1/2 mark from an A! and the last time was 1 mark. pfft. but at least i passed which is good (: cello was alright. practising outside before lesson. heard some sec 4s practising for their 2nd instru exam. play so well can? especially a certain someone called malisa bay. crazy geniuses. oh well. didnt really get scolded but she went very detailed for habanera and for no good reason i got a bit high. kept on laughing for no reason. even worse after zixin's lesson.

before that i got high with my WEIRD SENIOR jiang. when stella(s2) and audrey came for lesson they had it in the mep room which i was studying in (i had my lesson in the storeroom) yeah. then zixin was hanging around too. so we got quite high. and sniggers could be heard throughout the lesson tho some bits were caused by ms zhao herself. oops. haha. i love my weird senior and my psychotic junior ((:

later went up and found the zixin's bag was locked in 2f classroom. had to go find the uncle with her to open it. dropped her outside her house and came back. was working on my pop song from 8 to 10.30. yeah. so tired after that i couldnt be bothered to study anymore and went to sleep.

today: stoned and studied (or tried to) and touched up my composition before recess. when mr tay came in for lesson geri was like 'wrong lesson!' then they corrected her. and suddenly the whole group of people at the back were like. today's debbie's birthday lets sing her a birthday song (: i ran out of the class lah! abit not my birthday only lah. cos on monday we sang a super slow birthday song for yanhan during physics and wasted 5 minutes. haha.

another fun thing was... asterisk moments! **** i love asterix! hahas. lou printed out pictures of hanny's dear ronny and her own ian thorpey. also some details about them and put side by side with the heading 'who is no. 1?' hahas. so cute can.they decorated the whole board with their pictures and now its on the wall. then earlier on lou said that she had to turn around to see her beloved ian so she resorted to using a mirror to see his face! haha. and she said hi every once in a while to the 'ian-in-the-mirror'. hahas. farnie. then they moved it in front so that she didnt have to use a mirror.

mtg for s.o. people. was about the auditions. its 1.5 weeks away! better practice... sat in storeroom and played with zixin's cello which was found on the floor. kept it after that and went back to class. had no life again. i ate bread. haha. chem was quite alright. chinese really made me felt like sleeping if not for the fact that i didnt want to miss out impt zhang lao shi said so i stayed awake and studied.

mep test is really really tricky.. cunning mr wong. he still say so easy. at least i passed ((: thank God. got 12/20. and how did i know so fast? cos after that he went through chinese opera and chinese folksong in 10 minutes and dismissed us! earliest dismissal in mep history! i will never forget this important day! haha. mr cher didnt come too. yup. so i stayed back to do hw in the mep room cos some people had to finish their compositions before they could leave. and mr wong said that we have to start on our first draft for o level! sheesh. due by end of sept hols. oh well. gotta do some stuff now.

at 7:17 PM, she let go.