Friday, August 20, 2004
bad night

hohoho. my poor fourth finger on my right hand got caught in between sliding glass panels of my living room window and is temporarily quite dead. yes. and i was innocently trying to close the window. now its got a cut and a numb feeling. thot i would end up not being able to play cello today but thank God i could.

handing over ceremony today. quite ok lah but they have the same thing every year so it starts to get boring. but still nice to watch i guess. haha. softball! is fun. especially when u visit lala's grass home (her base) and u get a stalk of some funny grass she plucks from the ground. haha. so cute. emaths test was alright i think. i wanna get back lit paper and amaths. grr. recessed with linna, stelli, cyn and marilyn. ate proper food for once! yay! haha.

our class tried to recite the mo4 xie3 to zhanglaoshi in hope that we didnt have to write it out for her. but well she didnt buy it and we still had to write. history was kinda boring. mrs tan went through the paper. oh yeah! cos we were waiting for mrs tan to come so some of us were doing hw. geri wanted to borrow the chem paper from her senior, chiki. so i went with her to get. then when we went to her class mrs brenda tan was inside so chiki pretended to go to the toilet. then me and geri were beside the door checking for the right ws. managed to find it after some scrambling. geri smart lah. dont want to be seen by teacher (cos chiki was on one side and we were on the other) so she just slid the remainding ws across the floor past the door. not funny. like some wind blew it over to chiki. ridiculous man. haha. so drama.

during lunch the sky was so dark and the wind was quite strong. so cold! cca was good i guess. think we worked alot today and did quite a good job. just hope we wont forget what is expected of us. audition pushed back one day cos friday some people cannot make it. ended slightly earlier today. went to buy some stuff, went home to take a bath and dinner and went to church. think the meeting was good. short and sweet unlike some last year. oops. ahaha. was so tired. as usual. hope jie's going to work in a cab tmr. then i can hitch a ride again. hees. too lazy to go myself.

and now i dont dare to look on the back of my cello alr. its got some unsightly scratches cos it got knocked over today ))))))))))): im gonna send it for repair. i think. my poor cello!

at 9:37 PM, she let go.