Monday, August 23, 2004

bObAY bIS bA bICE bAY!

haha. letter of the day is B! hahas. everyone's name starts with b. for example. jiaxin becomes bIAbIN and lalaliang becomes bAbAbIANG! yay! hahas ok. enough.

got back amaths paper today. i could have passed. by 2 marks. was so pisssed with myself. oh well. the whole level's to have a retest next friday. yucks. last day of sch somemore. evil. during recess had cca meeting. think it was quite productive. discussed quite alot of stuff. yup. chionged recess with kok, joy and debbie. went back for ss which ms low came in 1/2 an hour late and she made us write essays in groups of 5. quite fun lah. did with han, lala, nette and jingyi. stupid lala kept on making me laugh. she's so cute. haha. after that mr tay came for physics. we bugged him to revise and give hints but he said that he hasnt seen the paper so he cannot give us hints. pfft. me and lala were laughing at him. EVIL! hahahs. dont wanna talk about the test. heck it.

tauhuayed once in a long time with geri and lala. and lulu who tagged along with no money. haha. went home looking for the poor lost bun bun in the park at tamarind there. jie saw it on thurs, fri and we both saw it on sat. its a nice cute brown bun with floppy ears. hahas. but i couldnt find it. wanted to give it to qianya if it was still there. hope the owner bothered to take it back alr. and pray that the construction workers did not do something bad to it. it looked so innocent hanging out with the chickens on saturday morning! hahas. so cute (((: piano was another intensive which totally killed my arms. dinner felt weird cos we had fried shrimps which usually come with the egg. but as u know there's the bird flu so there's no egg! and it looked so wrong. hahas. just practiced cello. fingers hurt now.

gonna have sectionals tmr with the sec2s after lesson. audition is on saturday!!! quite scared. crap. running with han tmr morning too before assembly and then going to the gyn to do some weights. ms chew says that i need to exert more force and i cant exert anymore on her piano so im gonna work out. hahas.

at 8:39 PM, she let go.